Westminster Showcases Faculty Art During Annual Exhibit

Nov 25, 2014

Nov. 25, 2014 More than 14 artists display their work in the Tanner Atrium   SALT LAKE CITY - For the past six years, Matt Kruback has been displaying his artwork during Westminster's annual Faculty Art Exhibit in the Tanner Atrium in the Emma Eccles Jones Conservatory. As the college's premier art event for its faculty, the exhibition provides a venue for faculty artists to showcase their work to the campus and local community. Kruback, an associate professor of art and the show's coordinator, believes it's important for the campus and community to see what faculty are working on in their own studios. "In the classroom, we work with young artists to envision and build their creative practice, hone critical minds and eyes and excavate meaning in their work and the work of others," Kruback said. "Faculty work through the same issues in our studios and labs, and this exhibition is a chance for our students, the Westminster community and the surrounding neighborhoods to see the answers we have arrived at through our own processes." More than 14 faculty artists are exhibiting their artwork on campus this year, which includes drawings, paintings, photographs, essays, etc. Kruback's work is a continuation of his interest in landscape and spaces through the medium of "found photography" mixed with his own photography. "There is an interesting history to the found photographs, and the history of amateur vacation/travel photography," he explained. "The found photographs have an impact visually, but also conceptually because of the family history contained therein, and the tradition they evince simply through their form." Hikmet Loe, an art historian and the college's adjunct faculty coordinator, is participating for the second time in the Faculty Art Exhibit. This year, she decided to branch out and publish essays for a variety of formats. "In the exhibition is an exhibition catalog essay, a book chapter and three articles published online on two different sites," Loe said. "As an art historian, we are invited to showcase the creative and professional work we produced within the past year in our profession." "Annual art department faculty exhibitions are a staple on all campuses, so I'm proud that we engage with our campus and external community through this event," Loe continued. "This year's opening drew members of the community from the University of Utah's art department and from other arts organizations. We are part of a wider network of art venues that span not only Salt Lake City, but the state." Westminster's annual event has been running for more than 20 years and welcomes both the campus and Sugar House communities to attend. "We respect our connections and situation within the Sugar House and Salt Lake communities by inviting the public into our spaces to experience something beautiful, challenging, difficult or simply fun," added Kruback. "Hosting this public exhibition is our way of showcasing our collective affirmation of this importance, and an invitation to the public to experience work that may change the way they experience the world around them. In an age where art is often last on many lists, we choose to reinvest our energy and reaffirm our advocacy of visual art as an integral component to our lived experience." Westminster's Faculty Art Exhibit runs from October 27 to November 25, and includes the following faculty artists: Amanda Moore, Andrea Jensen, Ashlee Cook, Clayton Keyes, Connie Erickson, David Baddley, Hikmet Loe, Lenka Konopasek, Lewis Crawford, Matt Kruback, Namon Bills, Naomi Marine, Scotti Hill, Tyrone Davies and William Emerich.  

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