Westminster Student Named Finalist for Women Tech Awards

Jul 31, 2013

July 30, 2013 Q&A with Dayna Stevenson SALT LAKE CITY - Dayna Stevenson (Class of 2013) was recently named a student finalist for the 2013 Women Tech Awards. The Women Tech Awards program recognizes technology-focused women who are driving innovation, leading technology companies and are key contributors to the community. As a computer science major and student employee for Westminster's Office of Advancement, Stevenson's technology efforts have contributed significantly to the college. We recently had a chance to interview Stevenson about the awards program and women in technology, and here's what she had to say: Q: What interested you in pursuing a degree in computer science? Dayna: There are so many different things you can do with computers, it's really a diverse field. I knew in high school I wanted to do it. I was part of an engineering program, and I programmed a marble sorter [which sorted marbles on a conveyor belt and shined a light though them].that was the most fun I've ever had. Q: What did you think when you heard you were named a finalist for the Women's Tech Awards? Dayna: I was really surprised and thrilled. It's incredible to me, I wouldn't have expected it at all so it's an honor. Q: What would you like to do with your degree? Dayna: I'm entering a Master of Computer Science program at the University of Utah and I'm doing the game development program. I want to start my own game development company and create historical games.with the end goal of making history exciting for high school students. Q: Speaking of historical games, I heard you created a Murder Mystery computer game as part of your undergraduate capstone project, can you tell me a little about that? Dayna: The game is set in the 1880's in Paris. You play a ballerina who is trying to solve the murder of a fellow ballerina, so you go around and question people and learn about the time period as you go along. Q: What types of projects have you worked on for the Office of Advancement and Westminster?Dayna: One of the main things that I've done is spearhead a search for a different event management system for the Office of Advancement. I researched the software, tested it and recommended a contract and determined that it was the best option. I'm now currently training the staff. I try to use technology to make laborious tasks easier. In our database, our user interface is terrible and it's a nightmare to use. I wrote a program to help make it more user-friendly. Q: What other projects have you done? Dayna: I created an event map for the office [for table seatings]. With events like the Scholarship Gala, there are always changes to be made so I wrote a flash program to edit the map. Q: Anything else you'd like to add about your award or women in technology? Dayna: What's so exciting to me about technology is that it applies to everything. Technology is a huge part of every industry. My computer science program was really fun, and all the projects we worked on were really applicable.we did things that were actually useful, like creating databases. And our final project was usually a game, which was really fun for me. The winners of the 2013 Women Tech Awards will be announced at the sixth annual Women Tech Awards ceremony on September 12. Stevenson was one of three student finalists who were nominated for the award.

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