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Bias Report Form

All fields are optional and you may omit information in order to maintain anonymity. However, more information allows bias response team to better respond to the situation.


If you experience an immediate threat or emergency and require assistance, contact Campus Patrol at 801.832.2525.

What Happens to My Report

Reports will be treated as confidentially as possible. For reports containing contact information, a bias response team member will contact the reporting person within 72 hours and offer a meeting to discuss what happened and explore a plan for resolution, if desired. During this meeting, the reporting person can expect to obtain information about related college policies, procedures, and resources. Reports where the person remains anonymous will be recorded and filed.

Other college offices may be consulted as needed to ensure a proper response. All campus entities will adhere to FERPA regulations when handling reports and information submitted via this website. In some situations, the matter may also be referred to another campus entity such as the Title IX office.