Student Consultant Program

The Westminster Student Consultant Program offers students the opportunity to learn through collaborative experiences outside the classroom and within the Sugar House community. This consultant position is a great opportunity for Westminster students with specific skill sets to be paired with businesses who need help in those areas.

For example, Westminster students majoring in communication, accounting, economics, marketing, management, political science and other disciplines can provide local organizations with assistance in marketing and public relations, budgets and financial plans, computer programming, social networking, and other essential needs.

For Businesses

Westminster College through its Community Relations department seeks to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between student, employers and the college.

Business/Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Work with community relations department in creating a project scope document prior to student starting.
  • Report monthly or as needed via email on project progress to Westminster’s Community Relations department.
  • Report any concerns or successes to Westminster’s Community Relations department
  • Ensure the student is having a valuable applied learning experience by ensuring student works on project scope.
  • Work with student providing feedback, documents and data necessary to complete project.
  • Complete Program Evaluation after completion of project.

If you believe your business could benefit from the Westminster Student Consultant Program, fill out the application below to be considered.

What are your student consultant needs?

Why would your business be a good match for the Student Consultant Program?

Please provide the business website and/or social networking pages

For Students

This position will place the student with a local business or community-based organization in a two month consultancy during spring semester at 10 hours a week. The intern will work on specific projects providing management and technical assistance such as: business plans, marketing plans, research, financial/accounting assistance, public relations, etc. One or more students are assigned to a project, depending on the scope and type of project requested. This is a paid position for students of all majors.

We are looking for Westminster students majoring in communication, accounting, economics, marketing, management, political science, and other disciplines. The Community Relations Office will receive the applications for this program, and then match clients with student applicants.

Apply Now

Applications for Spring semester are due Monday, January 30.

If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Annalisa Holcombe.