E-Portfolio Mentors

Faculty Fellow for E-Portfolios

Steve Hurlbut
Assistant Professor of Management
Director, BVGSB Practice/Experience Program
Gore 111
801 832 2618

I have been at Westminster since 1998, and I am truly excited to lead the E-Portfolio program. My main responsibility in the business school is to direct our internship and student consulting program. I have taught 21 different courses here, and led 3 MTSE's (to India, Mexico, and China). Before coming here, I was Managing Director of the Center for International Business at the University of Utah, and before that I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Burkina Faso, and an Associate Peace Corps Director, first in West Africa, and then in Russia.

Our E-Portfolio program has had problems in the past, and I am interested in your ideas about how to make it easier and more valuable to our students. I am convinced that students can benefit greatly from the program, and I am looking forward to working with everyone to make it a great program for everyone.

Student E-Portfolio Mentors

Nishan Khatiwada
I have been an E-Portfolio Student Mentor since October, 2015. I am from Nepal, and I am now a Sophomore. I haven't decided on a major yet, but I have been taking a lot of science and math classes. I am an RA in Hogle Hall, and a member of Griffin Quest. My hobbies (when I have the time) are soccer, video games, and watching TV.

Isabelle Finegold
I have been an E-Portfolio Student Mentor since January, 2016. I am a first-year student, and haven't decided on a major yet. I love the outdoors, especially hiking and camping. I also enjoy going to concerts and hockey games. Go Florida Panthers!