Waivers, Appeals, and Holds

All undergraduate students at Westminster College are required to complete an eportfolio. During the implementation phase, some transfer students were automatically exempt from the requirement based on transfer credits. Now that the initiative has been fully implemented, there are no longer any automatic exemptions (transfer students may still skip one or more parts of the requirement, but all students will complete at least the final portfolio. Read about transfer student requirements).

If you believe you qualify for exemption, complete the E-Portfolio Appeal Form.* The Eportfolio Committee will review your request and inform you of their decision.

NOTE: The Eportfolio is a campus-wide requirement. Consequently, the Eportfolio Committee provides very few exemptions. See the linked form for examples of potentially valid and invalid appeals.

If you have an eportfolio hold on your account and you intend to complete your portfolio, you do not need to submit a formal appeal. You can contact Steve Hurlbut at shurlbut@westminstercollege.edu to determine a progress plan for conditional removal of the hold.

*If you are looking for instructions on appealing a grade in a course, including INTR 175, Introduction to Eportfolios, please refer to the Grading and Academic Standards section of the catalog.

E-Portfolio Appeal Form

Note: The E-Portfolio is a college-wide requirement; consequently the Eportfolio Committee grants very few exceptions. See the following for some potentially valid and potentially invalid reasons:


  • You are a returning student who started at Westminster prior to FA11 and are on an old catalog
  • You are a transfer student who brought in 60 + credits between FA11 and FA13 or 88+ credits in FA14
  • You created an eportfolio somewhere else that you think might fulfill the Westminster College requirement


  • You were unaware of the requirement because you don't use campus email
  • You are a transfer student with fewer than 60 credits
  • You don't intend to use it professionally