Undergraduate Tuition and Financial Aid

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All tuition, fees, and financial aid information is updated for the 2019–20 school year.

Tuition and Fees

Here at Westminster, we are committed to making our high-quality educational experience more affordable to all bright, motivated and talented students regardless of family financial position.

With the highest percentage of students who complete one or more internships in the state, our students hit the ground running with real-world experience. Plus, 90% of our students were either employed or attending graduate school within five months of graduating. With a Westminster degree, you'll reap dividends for a lifetime.

CostsFall SemesterSpring SemesterTotal
Tuition and Fees$17,492$17,492$34,984
Room and Board*$4,475$4,475$8,950

*Room and board above is an estimate based on a double occupancy room with a purple meal plan.

Use the Net Price Calculator to get a personalized estimate of costs.

Room and Board Costs


ResidenceFall SemesterSpring SemesterTotal
Traditional-Style Double Occupancy Hogle/Carleson$2,846$2,846$5,692
Apartment-Style Single Occupancy Olwell/Behnken$3,627$3,627$7,254


Meal PlanFall SemesterSpring SemesterTotal
Gold Meal Plan$2,059$2,059$4,118
Purple Meal Plan$1,629$1,629$3,258

All students living in a traditional-style double or apartment-style single room are required to be on one of two meal plans offered for the entire academic year. Having a meal plan in an apartment-style double or Westminster on the Draw is optional. Meals are served at the Cornerstone Cafe in the Shaw Student Center. The average breakfast meal costs $4.50; lunch: $5.50; and dinner: $6.50.

Tuition Insurance Coverage

If a student withdraws, there may be circumstances where a student would not be eligible to receive a refund of some or all of the tuition and fees. An option available is Tuition Insurance Coverage. Learn more about this option on the GradGuard website.

Financial Aid

Westminster College makes private education attainable. With over $50 million in financial aid given each year, Westminster College has the financial aid opportunities (merit- and need-based) to help make a private college education an affordable option for you and your family.

First-Year Students

For first-year students, annual amounts for merit-based scholarships awards range from $10,000 to $22,000 per year.

  • Average financial aid award was $31,023 (including merit scholarships, work-study, grants, and loan funds).
  • 98% of Westminster College first-year students receive financial aid.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are eligible for work study, loans, grants, and merit-based scholarships which range in amounts from $9,000 to $15,000 per year (as long as you are attending full-time and maintain good academic standing and satisfactory academic progress).

Types of Financial Aid

  1. Loans are funds that must be repaid in the future. There are federal loans for students and parents, as well as private loans.
  2. Grants are funds that do not need to be repaid.
  3. Scholarships

Incoming Student Financial Aid Examples

Cost Breakdown

Tuition and Fees$34,984
Room (Double)$5,692
Board (Purple Meal Plan)$3,258
Total Cost$43,934

Income More Than $100,000 or Out of State

Presidential Scholarship$22,000
Griffin Scholarship$2,400
Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan$3,500
Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan$2,000
Federal Work Study$2,000
Payment Plan$6,034
Total Financial Aid Package$43,934

Income Less Than $100,000 and In State

Horizon Scholarship$15,000
Federal Pell Grant$6,095
Griffin Scholarship$4,105
Direct Subsidized Stafford Loan$3,500
Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan$2,000
Federal Work Study$2,000
Direct Parent PLUS$11,234
Total Financial Aid Package$43,934