Antigravity Fitness

The Fitness, Wellness, And Recreation Department offers AntiGravity® Fitness to the Westminster Community (students, faculty, staff, alumni) and is the first higher education facility to do so. AntiGravity® Fitness, the added element of swinging in a hammock adds an entirely new dimension to one’s yoga practice. This swinging playful element, as well as the zero-compression inversions is what makes this style of yoga revolutionary.

Antigravity Fitness Class

It's challenging, it's fun, and it's effective. AntiGravity® Fitness is a unique fusion technique, revolutionary in relieving compressed joints and aligning the body from head to toe. The AntiGravity® Hammock acts as a soft trapeze and as a support while you master simple inversions and finally progress to more advanced poses.

Antigravity Fitness Student Back BendThe AntiGravity® Hammock is a structural fabric that is connected from two overhead points. It acts like a swing or soft trapeze. The AntiGravity® Hammock is utilized to change one's dynamic relationship to the ground, allowing the participant to better understand their body and its relationship to physics.

If you would like to know more visit AntiGravity® Fitness or you can also find them on Facebook. Also there is a AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga Westminster Facebook page, check out all the latest pictures, upcoming workshops, and schedules. See AntiGravity® on Good Morning America here.

Prepare for Class

  • Antigravity Fitness Student TamerPlease arrive 10–15 minutes early for hammock adjustments. For your comfort AntiGravity® yoga should be done with clothing that covers shoulders and knees.
  • Bring a water bottle for hydration during class!
  • Pre-Registration and payment is required for all sessions and a minimum number of students are needed to hold the class.
  • We are located in the Payne Gymnasium in the dance/ yoga studio across from the weight room.
  • Register online or in person at the Reception Desk in the Eccles Health, Wellness, and Athletic Center