Thesis Submissions

Graduate students are required to submit an electronic copy of their project or thesis to the Giovale Library to be deposited and displayed in the Westminster College Institutional Repository for retention purposes. Once your thesis is uploaded and approved by your advisor and dean, it will be deposited and displayed online in Westminster College's Institutional Repository for users to access, ensuring your thesis' longevity and permanent status as part of the library collections. You will retain ownership rights to your work, including the right to use it in future works such as articles or a book.

You may terminate permission to deposit and display your project or thesis at any time by notifying the Director of the Giovale Library in writing that permission is withdrawn. If you withhold or withdraw your permission, please provide a paper copy of your thesis on archival quality paper (acid free) to the Giovale Library to add it to the archival collection.

Submit your Thesis
(Thesis and supplemental documents may be uploaded in the following file types: doc, docx, pdf, ppt, ptx, m4v, wmv, mp4. File size must not exceed 32MB.)

Author(s) will be notified via email when the submission has been reviewed and approved by the advisor and dean, and will be notified again when the thesis has been uploaded to Westminster College's Institutional Repository. Theses and projects submitted in previous years can also be viewed in the Institutional Repository, found here.

If you have questions about the submission process, formatting your thesis, etc., please contact:

Christopher Dasanjh, Library

If you encounter issues with uploading or submitting your thesis, please contact:

Chris Hartman, Information Services