May Term and Summer Study Experiences

May Term and Summer Study Experiences are a long-standing Westminster tradition, and many students look back on their study experience as the highlight of their time at Westminster. Designed to be cost-effective with maximum impact, they are a great short-term study abroad option. Successful completion of any May Term or Summer Study Experience will fulfill the WCore Engaging the World requirement.

Who can register?

All currently enrolled Westminster undergraduate students are eligible to register for a study experience. Students who wish to participate but not register for a course must receive permission from the faculty leader. Non-student guests who are over 18 years old can participate if space is available and the faculty leader gives permission. Non-student participants do not earn credits or pay tuition, but must pay the advertised cost for trip expenses.

Courses Offered on Study Experiences

Each study experience offers different courses depending on the faculty leaders and the location of travel. The majority of courses offered as part of the study experiences do not have prerequisites. Students will register for one course worth four credits. Courses can fulfill the WCore Engaging the World requirement or a general elective. Students should speak with their faculty advisor if they would like the course to fulfill a major/minor requirement.

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Payment of full-time tuition for fall and spring semesters earns four discounted credits (two credits per semester), which can be used for a May Term or Summer Study Experience. Therefore, a student will only pay the published travel expenses if the four credits were earned. If a student has not earned the four credits and would like to participate in a study experience, the student will need to pay the tuition cost per credit hour for the course.

See the Undergraduate May Term and Summer tuition schedule for the per credit cost.


Registration Begins:

7:30 a.m.

Tuesday, October 24 for Seniors (90+ credits) and Juniors (60–89 credits)

Wednesday, October 25 for sophomores (28–59 credits) and first-year students (less than 28 credits)

Registration will continue until the study experience is full or until January 31, whichever comes first. Please be aware that some study experiences will fill quickly.


A $300.00 non-refundable deposit is required to confirm participation in a study experience and must be paid within 3 days of registration. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable and will be applied towards the trip expenses.

To Register

  1. Login to Self-Service.
  2. Search for the class associated with the desired study experience.
    Example: Search for SPAN 300B Trekking Camino de Santiago.
    Tip: Filter by the location "May Term Study Experience"
  3. Add the course to your plan and on the morning of your registration day, finalize your registration by clicking on "Register Now."
  4. Once you have registered for a course, the $300 deposit will be added to your May Term account which can be paid under Student Finance in Self-Service. You will have 3 days to pay the deposit. If the deposit is not paid, you will be withdrawn from the course and your spot in the study experience will be lost.

Payment Schedule for all Study Experiences

  1. $300 deposit due within 3 days of registration for the study experience.
  2. Final payment due on February 1. The remaining program cost will be assessed as a course fee on your tuition account. Since the final payment does not follow the regular May Term tuition schedule, you will see tuition plus the trip expenses on your account. If you earned the 4 discounted credits, you are only responsible for paying the trip expenses.
  3. Withdrawal and Refund Policy

    To withdraw from a study experience, the student must notify the faculty leader in writing of the intention to withdraw.

    $300 is non-refundable

    50% of the trip expenses are non-refundable beginning February 2

    100% of the trip expenses are non-refundable beginning April 1

    If a student did not earn 4 discounted credits and has to pay tuition, tuition fees will follow the May Term tuition payment and refund schedule.

Cancellation Due to Insufficient Enrollment

If a study experience fails to meet minimum enrollment requirements the college will cancel the program no later than the last day of February. Students will be given the option to enroll in a different study experience that has space available or receive a 100% refund of all fees paid, including the $300 deposit.