Four Year Guarantee

To help you focus on your goals, Westminster College is offering a Four Year Graduation Guarantee. This Guarantee allows you to complete your degree on time or Westminster College will pay for the remaining course work. Westminster will provide you with the resources you need to graduate in four years. You commit to work toward graduation by completing at least 31 credits each year (including May Term).

Students Agree To

  • Review, accept, and submit the Four Year Graduation Guarantee and to formally declare a major no later than the end of the second semester of my first year. If I'm majoring in pre-nursing or aviation flight operations, I will declare before my first semester at Westminster.
  • Meet with my academic advisor at least once every semester to review my academic plan and degree progress.
  • Register for classes on the first day I'm able and select courses consistent with my degree plan.
    • Note that this means students must resolve any issues resolved any issues preventing registration (financial or other holds).
  • Notify my advisor immediately if I am unable to register for the classes I need.
  • Complete at least 31 credit hours each year, pass my classes, and remain in good academic standing.
    • Coursework accepted by Westminster College may be considered as part of the "minimum hours needed per academic year," upon on-going approval (i.e. AP, IB, concurrent, transfer credit).
  • Meet all requirements of my major program, including separate admission to the nursing, education, music, or bachelor of fine arts program. I understand that this includes completing all pre-requisites on time and attending summer if necessary. Participation in the four-year graduation guarantee program does not guarantee admission to these programs. (If you are not accepted into one of the programs with separate admissions requirements and re-declare a major that is possible to complete within your Four Year Guarantee time period, you may still qualify for guarantee.)
  • Apply for graduation at the beginning of my senior year.
  • Stay on track by passing all courses with the required grades, maintaining satisfactory academic progress, including the GPA required by the college and your declared major, and remaining in good standing with the college.
  • Comply with all administrative, conduct, and academic policies and procedures.

Westminster College Agrees To

  • Provide a four-year academic plan for your primary major.
  • Provide access to an academic advisor in your major.
  • Provide degree audits to show your academic progress and degree requirements.

If I meet all of the obligations of the Four Year Graduation Guarantee and still cannot graduate in four years due to the unavailability of necessary courses for my primary major, Westminster College will allow me to take the course(s) required to complete my degree within the fifth year, at $0 tuition cost to me.

Note that if you are planning two majors, it is possible to graduate in four years but you will need to work with your advisor on your academic plan.

This form must be completed, signed by the student, and submitted to the START Center no later than the Friday of the first full week of classes in the semester.

Please Note

Students who don't have the necessary math or English placements to enroll in major program requirements or pre-requisites when entering the College may not be eligible for the guarantee program, unless they take the needed classes to catch up during the summer semester prior to beginning their first year.

Westminster College encourages students to explore opportunities for study abroad, but it is important to note that not all study abroad programs provide the appropriate course work needed to satisfy this guarantee. If you are interested in spending a semester abroad, please work closely with your academic advisor as well as the Registrar's Office.

Students must be willing to take courses at any regularly scheduled class times, acknowledging that these may not always be your first choice of courses or class times. Special scheduling accommodations cannot be made for work or co-curricular activities, including athletics.