The Office of Spiritual Life at Westminster College serves as a place where students, faculty and staff can address any issues of a spiritual nature. The office creates opportunities for students to explore and grow in their spiritual understanding of the world while relating it to their academic pursuits and future business endeavors. The office encourages students to gain a better understanding of an integrative model of our physical and spiritual realities through programs and services.

Students are assisted in connecting to their own Faith community in the Salt Lake City area, as well as helping them increase their understanding about other peoples' Faiths, both on and off campus. Gaining a better understanding of the interconnectedness of all human beings, societies, cultures and faiths lends to a greater ability to function in the global community of the 21st Century, to be prepared to be global citizens.

Some of the learning opportunities include a faith fair early in the academic year, visits to various faith communities, panel presentations, study/discussion groups, prayer/meditation/devotional groups, as well as service learning opportunities on the local, national, and international level. Student inspired projects and programs are encouraged!

Spiritual Life Programs

Better Together is a national student driven campaign for interfaith action. On Westminster Campus, the Better Together Campaign is mobilizing college students to voice their values, engage with others, and act together to make the world a better place for everyone. Participating in The Better Together campaign will give you the opportunity to take a stand for interfaith cooperation while you impact social issues you care about deeply.

Through interfaith action, college students everywhere will prove that we are better together and tell a different, positive story of young people from different religious and non-religious backgrounds taking action together.

Westminster College has received the IFYC Honorable Mention for the Inspiring Action Award because of our commitment to social action on campus and to mobilizing the campus to interfaith community service. Further acknowledgment of the campus commitment to interfaith service was the listing on the President's Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge Honor Roll in 2014.

Learn more about the Interfaith Youth Core and the Better Together National Campaign.

At Westminster we have chosen the following as themes and motos for our work on campus.


Education and Service

  • Laborare est Orare (a Latin phrase for "to Work is to Pray")
  • Tikkum Olam (a Hebrew Phrase "To Heal the World")
  • Work is as worship if it is done in the spirit of service

Join us as we delve deep into India's culture and history while also undertaking educational based service learning projects in Wai, India and communities in the surrounding rural area. Westminster in India has been involved in service projects here for the last 7 years, and has developed some incredible partners and relationships that are directly tied to the Indian community in Salt Lake City.

We'll explore what it means to be a true citizen of the world. Students will gain a better perspective of the educational needs in rural India, as well as how these are rapidly changing due to India's high tech boom. Westminster students will develop a science module using inquiry based teaching techniques, then take this to India where they will work with local teachers to implement and teach the lessons in primary schools, secondary schools, or a school for students with special needs.

Central to this course is cultural immersion in India's rich heritage, which students will experience by living and working side-by-side with their Indian counterparts and exploring the rich history of Wai, where beautiful temples along the Krishna River exist alongside slums where poor Indians live with limited access to quality education and other services. We'll be working with the enthusiastic students here to help address some of the challenges these communities face as they share their incredible culture and traditions with us.

A Multi-Generational Service Project

Once a month discussions held at Friendship Manor

  • 3–4 p.m. on Friday afternoons
  • Visit with seniors at a senior living center about topics of current affairs, social issues, or life choices.
  • Meet at the Office of Spiritual Life at 2:30 to carpool to the site.

Contact the Office of Spiritual Life if you are interested. or phone 801 823-2232 if you are interested in attending.

Hillel for Utah is the state's welcoming connection for students from all of Utah's colleges and universities to Utah's Jewish community. Hillel for Utah, with over 100 Facebook and email members, offers regular Shabbat experiences, service opportunities, Ask Big Questions discussions, HaReshet: The Hillel Career Network, and events for Sukkot, Hanukkah, and Passover.

An estimated 200 Jewish and non-Jewish students were involved with Hillel last year. Twenty five to 60 students of all faiths come to our events.

The goal of LDSSA is to provide a place where students of all backgrounds, religions, ethnicity and beliefs can come together in a place where they feel loved, warm and accepted. To accomplish this, we meet monthly to provide service and have fun.

Wesminster LDS Institute Activities
Tuedays at Noon

Cookies and Conversation

Wednesday at 7:30 p.m.

Social Activity Night

Thursdays at 1p.m.

Feast and Feast Devotionals

Westminster Institute Office

1950 South 1200 East, Salt Lake City, Utah

801 468-5827


Brother Pond

Pierced is a student-driven movement passionate about loving God and loving Westminster. We meet for weekly discussion groups, build intentionally deep friendships, engage in Campus Crusade for Christ meetings and conferences, and radically serve our community. Pierced is a place for anyone seeking to love, be loved, learn, have fun, and get to better understand themselves and God.

Contact Jan Saeed at for more information

Spiritual Life Staff

Spiritual Life Director

Jan Saeed (M.A. Spiritual Consultation and Conflict Resolution) oversees the spiritual happenings on campus. She consults with students, faculty, and staff planning events, retreats and activities. She leads group discussions and meets individually with students seeking spiritual direction or guidance.

Phone: (801) 832-2232


Spiritual Life Program Coordinator

Karla Mendez, (Undergraduate Psychology major with an art minor) assists in planning and carrying out activities of the spiritual life office. She serves as the vice president of Griffins for the Greater Good Spiritual Life Club and acts as a mentor to other students interested in religious and spiritual life studies. For 2013-14, she is also serving IFYC as a Coach and mentor to the Better Together Interfaith Leadership Institutes.