Math, Physics, and Computer Science Tutoring Center

Drop-in math, physics, and computer science tutoring is available on the first floor of the library Sunday–Thursday. Tutoring is available to all Westminster students free of charge. Please come in at least two hours before your homework is due.


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Neem Chhetri

I joined Westminster College in 2018 as a computer science and mathematics major. I was not always good at math—there were times when I couldn't stand being in a math class. Then I finally found a person who taught me that each mathematical problem is logical and has a reason. That was the turning point in my life when I started to like doing math problems. My goal was not to be good at math; it was to enjoy it, and that thinking indeed led to my success at math. The more I enjoyed doing mathematical problems, the better I became. I'm happy for this opportunity to help other students find that enjoyment and improve in math.

Courses: MATH 142, MATH 201/2, CMPT 201

Justin Chong

I have always been a math person—math is one of those subjects I really click with. I love math and, more specifically, the applied part of mathematics, such as solving for certain variables in algebra and calculus. My favorite field in math is calculus. Something about solving integrals and derivatives is super satisfying to me. I hope to use my math degree to pursue an engineering job or apply for graduate school. I would love to hopefully get a master's in civil engineering or mathematics someday. I have also always been fascinated with buildings and structures and I would love to use my math knowledge to help design and build new innovative buildings and structures.

Courses: MATH 201/2, MATH 210, DATA 220, CMPT 201

Jordan Contreras

I’m a second-year student that somehow ended up liking math and science. I really enjoy math and have been taking calculus classes nonstop over the past year. One of the classes I took over the summer was very fast paced, and I had to work day and night to keep up and understand what was going on. After I finished the class, I wondered how I survived all that stress and thought that no one should have to deal with that on their own. Shortly after, the opportunity to become a tutor presented itself and I thought it would be a great way to be able to help out anyone who may need it.

Courses: MATH 142, MATH 201/2, MATH 203, WCSAM 203, CMPT 201

Calvin Golas

My tutoring specialty is computer science. I've taken some upper division CS classes, and I'd love to help with any questions you might have—even if you're beyond the 202 level! My style of tutoring is focused on the why and how of a problem because I believe that even the more complex problems are solved using methods built upon the core concepts we learn in our early classes.

Courses: MATH 210, WCSAM 203, CMPT 201, CMPT 202

Kylie Harrison

I'm Kylie and I use she series pronouns. I am a mathematics major and a computer science and psychology minor. I am also on the Track and Field team and a member of the NAMI on campus leadership here at Westminster. Some fun facts about me: I played the cello for seven years, I was able to go to Thailand for May Term this past year, and my favorite dessert is raspberry cheesecake.

Courses: MATH 201/2, MATH 203, MATH 210, WCSAM 203, CMPT 201, CMPT 202

Terry Li

I'm a physics major and applied mathematics minor. As we all know, physics requires a strong utilization of math, so I chose applied mathematics as my minor—plus I have an interest in math. Even though we learn mathematical knowledge step by step over the years, we still find that it's complex and perplexing to learn math and solve mathematical questions. However, I believe we can eventually solve those difficult questions as long as we think through problems on our own rather than relying on assistance from the beginning. By working through problems on our own, we can improve our math abilities and be more independent.

Courses: MATH 142, MATH 201/2, MATH 203, WCSAM 203, PHYS 151, PHYS 152, PHYS 211

Giulia Lorini

I’m a computer science major with ample background in a wide range of scientific subjects, thanks to my previous education consisting of five years in a science-oriented high school and four years as a computer engineering major in Italy. I’ve always liked math, and I’ve always enjoyed helping out my classmates with concepts they were struggling with. I'm excited to work at the tutoring lab so that I can share my enthusiasm for science with other students and at the same time brush up on some topics that I haven’t practiced in a while. I never give up on a problem until I’ve solved it, so I will try in every possible way to clear up all doubts the student has come to me with.

Courses: MATH 142, MATH 201, WCSAM 203, CMPT 201, CMPT 202

Tyler Mann

I'm from the Columbia River Gorge in Washington and Oregon and grew up in a small town called Bingen. I'm an avid skier and climber—and anything to do with the outdoors. I am a second-year geology major and environmental studies minor. I have a passion for math. I took calculus 201 and 202 here at Westminster on top of four years of the most advanced mathematics my high school had to offer. I try to be friendly and helpful to the best of my abilities and am always willing to help a fellow student.

Courses: MATH 142, MATH 201/2, PHYS 151, PHYS 152