Campus Contact Tracing Information for Employees

September 10, 2020

Westminster College has a dedicated team of contact tracers who call members of the campus community who report COVID-19 diagnoses or exposures and help them determine who they may have been in close contact with on campus. This is not intended to replace the efforts of the contact tracers working with the state and county public health departments—our team is focused only on contacts that may have occurred within our campus community.

This process is new to many of us, so an FAQ was created to provide additional information about contact tracing and how it works at Westminster College.

Over the summer, the campus community was made aware of the development of the Westminster Safe app, which would aid in contact tracing on campus. The app has been held up in the Google and Apple store approval processes.

Google and Apple have announced that they are working to make similar technology available to state and county governments without the use of an app, so it could be that in the future, Westminster may ask the campus community to participate in a more widely-used program.

For contact tracing to be effective, campus community members need to submit reports in as timely a manner as possible. It's common for students to reach out first to their faculty members or staff members they interact with. If a student reports experiencing symptoms or a possible COVID-19 exposure, please:

  1. Direct them to use the Healthy Together app for daily symptom checking, and to contact Student Health Services (801.832.2239) if the app prompts them to seek testing or to isolate because of symptoms.
  2. Ask them to submit a report if they know they may have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, or if they have informed you of a COVID-19 diagnosis.

Contact tracers will reach out to everyone who submits a report to gather information and help individuals identify close contacts on campus.

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