Coronavirus Update for Staff

March 15, 2020

As you prepare for the coming work week, I have some new information to share. As circumstances evolve with COVID-19, we will continue to make ongoing adjustments in support of our campus community. At this time, we have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 among members of our campus community. Nonetheless, we have heard from many staff that additional flexibility is needed in order to meet both personal and professional responsibilities. In response, we are taking the following actions:

  1. We are expanding the ability for staff to work remotely for the next two weeks. Supervisors may allow staff, including part-time staff, to work remotely as necessary and as detailed below. We currently are not allowing student employees to work remotely. The guidelines listed below will be in place from Monday, March 16 to Friday, March 27. We will reevaluate these guidelines before March 27. Although we can make provisions for some staff to work remotely, some positions are not suitable for remote work. Staff designated as essential personnel by their supervisor may be required to continue their work on campus.
  2. Employees with responsibilities that cannot be performed remotely and who have extenuating circumstances may apply for additional paid leave, consistent with pending legislation. Staff and student employees will be eligible to apply for this paid leave for situations in which they are unable to work (either on campus or remotely) due to the coronavirus outbreak. These situations may include mandatory quarantine after travel, the need to provide dependent care, or self-isolation due to high-risk health conditions as defined by the CDC. Additional information on the application process for the leave will be sent on Monday, March 16.

Supervisors will notify essential staff of their designation as essential and discuss the need for flexibility or leave time. Supervisors will also determine key functions that can be completed remotely and functions that cannot.

Staff may request a temporary remote work schedule through their direct supervisor. If remote work is approved by their supervisor and the appropriate cabinet member, the employee and supervisor will complete a formal remote work agreement provided by your supervisor. The agreement will outline the scope and expectations, specific projects, duties and responsibilities, and hours of work.

For employees considering temporary remote work, these are some of the requirements that will be included in the agreement:

  • Employees must have all resources necessary to complete their work (computer, phone, connectivity, necessary materials, etc.). Additional college support, such as providing equipment or software cannot be accommodated at this time.
  • Employees must be fully available and engaged in work responsibilities for the duration of their remote work schedule as approved by their supervisor.
  • Employees must provide a phone number where they may be reached directly and respond to all forms of communication promptly.
  • Employees must continue to attend on-campus meetings as supervisors deem necessary.
  • Employees must continue to meet established timelines and deadlines for all assigned work.
  • Employees must communicate with their supervisor as requested to provide updates and progress reports on their work.
  • Employees must continue to comply with all college policies and procedures. Failure to do so may result in termination of remote work privileges and/or corrective action.
  • Employees must continue to report time on Self-Service as per the Staff Handbook.
  • Employees must exercise judgement to protect college information by following policies information security, software licensing, and data protection, and ensure that unauthorized individuals do not access college data.

In summary:

  Able to work on campus Need to work off-campus Reduced availability or not able to work
Essential Personnel Continue to work as instructed by your supervisor May not be available for all essential personnel, check with your supervisor Apply for paid leave through HR
All other staff (full-time and part-time) Continue to work as regularly scheduled Request a remote work plan through your supervisor Apply for paid leave through HR
Student employees Continue to work as regularly scheduled (up to 20 hours per week) Not available for student employees at this time Apply for paid leave through the career center

We will continue to share information and encourage you to reach out to your supervisor or a member of the HR team with any questions.

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