Coronavirus Update from the Provost

March 12, 2020

I’d like to start by saying thank you to everyone for their patience as we continue to do our best to assess and re-assess a fast-moving difficult situation.

The decision has been made to keep students off campus for at least the next two weeks and move to online/asynchronous courses starting March 23, using next week to prepare. I understand how difficult this will be for all of our students and faculty. We are a campus built on predominantly face-to-face classes and strong connections between our students and faculty and we will all be moving into unfamiliar and uncomfortable spaces. I hope that we can work together, be generous and kind with each other, and do our best. This is a time for patience and flexibility, including relaxed assignment deadlines and such for students who may have limited access to technology and internet services. As we move through these next two weeks, I anticipate questions to arise that we haven’t yet thought about how to address. Please send those to your dean and to me, and we will work through them and share back questions and answer via a faculty FAQ site, since I imagine several people may have the same and/or similar questions. Stay tuned for an invitation to join a group site.

Hikmet Loe and Rodney Glore have put together a new Canvas site called Faculty Teaching Resources, that you all will shortly be invited to join. On the site, you will find links to many resources in IS, links to Canvas assistance, information on teaching online, as well as other topics. Please send any questions and/or suggestions you have about the site, as well as additional resources you would like to share with your colleagues, directly to the IS Help Desk is the best means for Hikmet and/or Rodney to gather and respond.

Please refer to the information and ongoing updates on the coronavirus webpage.

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