COVID Safety Reminder

My dear students,

So, who here has COVID-19 fatigue? I know I do. Like all of you, I want to hang out with who I want when I want to. I want to eat a messy cheeseburger in a crowded restaurant, and I want to be able to fly back to Washington to see my granddaughter without a test on both ends of the process. But I can't do any of this yet.

Why am I telling you what you already know? I have received multiple reports from staff and faculty of relaxing compliance and perhaps shifting attitudes related to mask-wearing. Apparently, this has been most noticeable in Shaw while folx are dining. Please know that the policy has not changed, and mask-wearing on campus is imperative to us driving our numbers down. Please, eat with your mask off—but when you are done, please put your mask back on and respect the health of all who are in the building.

One other issue is social/physical distancing. While on campus, please give people 6 feet of space. In Shaw, this is important while ordering or waiting for food. Give each other and the Bon Appetit staff solid space so everyone can be healthy and safe. When in doubt about distance, look for the spacing stickers on the floor.

You should know that we have positive tests by students, faculty, and staff at Westminster almost every day. The only way we will reverse this trend is if we all commit to wearing our masks and keeping our distance. This is how we can put each other before ourselves while taking responsibility for our health and the health of the community.

Please partner with me to make Westminster College a shining example of love and care for each other.

Be well,

Glenn C. Smith, Ed.D.
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs
Dean of Students