Health, Wellness, and Athletic Center Reopening

June 11, 2020

Dear Members,

We are excited to be opening and to provide wellness opportunities for the campus community! As we get ready to reopen the Eccles Health, Wellness, and Athletic Center, we want to inform you of the new policies and procedures we have put in place to keep everyone safe.

Membership Fees

Faculty, Staff, Alumni, and Affiliates: We will only be charging those who choose to re-activate their membership. If you have payroll deduction or automatic credit card draft you will NOT see any deductions if you are NOT using the center. If you pay monthly at the reception desk you will need to plan on paying on your first visit to update your membership.

All students, undergraduate and graduate, will be able to use the center for FREE during the summer. If you just graduated, we are giving you the summer to use the center for FREE! To activate your membership, stop by the reception desk on your first visit to be updated for the summer. Summer memberships will go through August 18, 2020.



  • Please have your masks with you at all times to use when entering the building, traveling from one area to another, and for emergency evacuation. Masks do not need to be used when actively exercising or exerting energy. This is consistent with the college's guidance on wearing masks when coming to campus.
  • Reception attendants will be keeping a log sheet of who is coming in and will ask you where you will be working out (cardio 1, cardio 2, weight room, pool, gym, multipurpose court) and they will also be conducting symptom screening by asking questions to you about symptoms, travel, contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases, and any sicknesses in the home.
  • Do not share any equipment with any other member in the center.
  • No equipment check out is available at this time.
  • Minimize the amount of personal belongings you bring to the gym and keep a 6 foot distance between your belongings and other members' belongings so that you don’t need to come closer than 6 feet to anyone else getting their belongings.
  • Maintain a distance of 10 feet from others when exercising and 6 feet in all other circumstances.
  • The exit gate will be propped open so the turnstile does not need to be used.
  • Tap your ID card and then enter through the open gate.
  • Towel check out will be available. A stack of clean towels will be kept on the corner of the desk. Please make sure desk staff are more than 6 feet away before grabbing a towel. Please deposit dirty towels into the laundry hamper at the desk.

Cardio Floors

Please use only the equipment that is marked as available. Equipment has been blocked off with tape to maintain the 10-foot physical distancing requirement.

Indoor Running Track & Functional Fitness Area

  • 1 person on the track at a time.
  • 1 person max in the functional fitness area.
  • Use physical distancing if one needs to pass getting from one area to the other.

Locker Rooms/Restrooms

  • Locker Rooms: Day use lockers will not be available. Those with a locker rental may continue to use their locker. Members must maintain 6-foot physical distancing in the locker room and shower area.
  • Restrooms: Main level restroom entrances will be propped open to minimize touch points. High touch areas will be cleaned hourly by Fitness, Wellness, and Recreation Department staff. Custodial will continue to do their rounds also cleaning high touch areas. Members should wear face coverings in locker rooms and restrooms.

Studio/Group Exercise Classes

Group Exercise Classes are allowed under distancing guidelines.

  • Disinfect equipment before and after use and do not share equipment.
  • Studio door will remain propped open to minimize handle touches.
  • If a physical distance of 10 feet is not possible, class size will be limited.
  • When possible, large classes will be moved to multipurpose court and/or elevated playing field.
  • There will be no partner exercises and no contact between participants.
  • Class size is limited to 19 participants per Orange (Moderate Risk) Phase Utah Health Guidance System guidelines of groups of 20 or fewer.

Weight Room

  • Strength & cardio Attendants will monitor weight room attendance and equipment sanitization.
  • 7 members will be allowed in the weight room at a time.
  • Follow distancing guidelines of 6 feet when moving through the weight room and 10 feet when exercising.
  • Do not share mats.
  • Wipe maps before and after use.
  • No one else should use equipment between sets (i.e. “working in” is not allowed—each member should disinfect equipment after completing their sets).
  • Some benches have been removed to create 10 feet of distance.
  • When using weights at the benches, participants should take their weights to the bench, do all sets, disinfect, and return.

Main Gym

  • 1 person per hoop on basketball courts.
  • Patrons should not share basketballs.
  • Bring your own ball—equipment will not be available for check out.

Aquatic Center

  • 1 swimmer per lane.
  • No swim lessons.
  • Equipment (fins, buoy, etc.) will not be provided. You may bring your own equipment.
  • No congregating on the deck.
  • The hot tub will be open and 1 person at a time will be allowed in the hot tub. Lifeguards will sanitize railing after each use.
  • Lifeguards must wear face masks at all times during the Orange (Moderate Risk) Phase of the Utah Health Guidance System. During the Yellow (Low Risk) Phase, masks can only be worn when working directly with individuals.

Climbing Wall

The climbing wall will remain closed until further notice.

Outdoor Program

The Outdoor Program is not offering equipment rentals at this time.

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