Student Athlete Graduation Rate

Student Athlete Graduation Rate

62% (2007 Cohort)

Please note that this is calculated as our six-year graduation rate for all first-year student-athletes starting in 2007, not by the NCAA graduation rate process.

General Student Body Graduation Rate

59% (6 year graduation rate for 2007 cohort).

Total Westminster College Student Enrollment as of October 15, 2012

(Information from the Common Data Set)

Degree-seeking, first-time, first-year students23326251
Other first-year, degree-seeking7095129
All other degree-seeking7058796551
Total degree-seeking100812368261
All other undergraduates enrolled in credit courses797251
Total undergraduate students10151245154112
Graduate Students
Degree-seeking, first-time60872021
All other degree-seeking144135151146
All other graduates enrolled in credit courses3251
Total graduate students207224176168

Total undergraduate students: 2,526

Total graduate students: 775

Total number of students: 3,301

Enrollment by Racial/Ethnic Category as of October 15, 2012

(Information from the Common Data Set)

Degree-seeking, first-time, first-yearDegree-seeking undergraduates (include first-time, first-year)Total undergraduates (both degree- and non-degree-seeking)
Nonresident aliens22125136
Black or African American, non-Hispanic72526
White, non-Hispanic35716741761
American Indian or Alaska Native, non-Hispanic32627
Asian, non-Hispanic136767
Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, non-Hispanic31212
Two or more races, non-Hispanic19180212

2012–13 Athletic Scholarship Recipients

Sport# Scholarship RecipientsMalesFemalesNonresident AlienUnknownHispanic
Men's Basketball101011
Women's Basketball12121
Men's Soccer212114
Women's Soccer1616
Women's Volleyball141411
Men's Golf441
Women's Golf33
Men's Track & Cross Country881
Women's Track & Cross Country1010
Men's Lacrosse1919122
Men's Ski666
Women's Ski333

SportAmerican IndianAsianBlack or African AmericanNative Hawaiian or Other Pacific IslanderWhiteTwo or More Races
Men's Basketball17
Women's Basketball110
Men's Soccer115
Women's Soccer1131
Women's Volleyball111
Men's Golf12
Women's Golf3
Men's Track & Cross Country151
Women's Track & Cross Country91
Men's Lacrosse14
Men's Ski
Women's Ski333