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Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business

Make a savvy business decision. Study business at Westminster!

Whatever your interests in the world of business, the Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business has the programs you want, the hands-on experience you crave, the professors you respect, and the first-class resources you deserve.

The programs you want.

Business Programs - Undergraduate
Every undergraduate business major at Westminster in grounded in our broad-based general education curriculum. That means you'll develop strong critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills, no matter what business degree program you choose.

Aviation Flight Operations
Aviation Management
Economics Pre-Law
International Business

Optional accelerated Master of Business Administration program (awarded with an additional 36 semester hours of credit beyond the bachelor's degree requirements)

Business Programs - Graduate
Master of Accountancy (MAcc)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
MBA in Technology Management (MBATM)

The experience you crave.

At Westminster, hands-on experience is integrated into every course you take. As an undergraduate, you can manage a real financial portfolio, develop a business plan that is actually put into practice, or study abroad in China.

Westminster College leads the state in the percentage of students who complete at least one internship before graduation. Salt Lake City offers an abundance of internships in business-related fields.

The professors you respect.

All faculty members in the Gore School of Business are not only talented and inspiring teachers and mentors, but they also have practical experience in the fields they teach. Our faculty includes former executives, successful entrepreneurs, CPAs, and active business consultants. Every professor is also deeply committed to ensuring the success of every student, through individual advising and personal attention.

The resources you deserve.

The Center for Financial Analysis is one of the most advanced, information-rich, financial research centers in the west, with state-of-the-art hardware and software resources.

The Center for Entrepreneurship provides extensive training in entrepreneurial leadership skills through courses, workshops, field experiences, competitions, and personal mentoring that prepare you for business, corporate, and social entrepreneurship.