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Library Staff

Giovale Library Policies

The Giovale Library welcomes donations of books and other significant materials. We cannot accept outdated textbooks, back issues of popular periodicals, or damaged items.

Potential donors should contact Reese Julian at 801.832.2256 or email at rjulian@westminstercollege.edu.

Westminster College will provide a letter of acknowledgment including the number of books donated. No assessment of value can be given.

You can also make a financial contribution to the Giovale Library or contact the Office of Advancement.

Mission Statement

The Giovale Library supports Westminster College’s dedication to fostering student success and to creating a community of lifelong learners by providing access to innovative services and collections that encourage intellectual growth and exploration.


Collaboration and Teamwork

The Giovale Library staff collaborates with each other as well as colleagues across campus and institutions of learning to ensure we are providing our community with appropriate resources, services, and programs for learning, teaching, and professional growth.

Community Oriented

The Giovale Library is responsive to our community and makes evidence-based decisions while remaining flexible, adapting to the evolving needs of the Westminster College community and the changing information environment.


The Giovale Library recognizes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are imperative to the success and strength of both the library and the campus community. Our daily and governing practices align with our unyielding commitment to inclusive excellence.


The Giovale Library engages in forward-thinking practices to ensure sustainable growth. We support the professional development of library staff and set strategic goals that embrace the ongoing change of the information landscape.


The Giovale Library prioritizes student success and intellectual growth, fostering freedom of inquiry and expression.

Teaching and Learning

The Giovale Library encourages engaged learning among Westminster students by supporting research and discovery. We offer individualized research help and partner with faculty and staff to provide information literacy instruction and research consultations.