Master Track Mentoring

Master Track is a 9-month, in-depth professional mentoring and executive coaching seminar. Two experienced business leaders facilitate mentor introductions and selection, create meeting agendas for monthly peer-to-peer forums, and provide support should any difficulty arise for participants throughout the program.

The seminar is available to students finishing in the Westminster Master of Accountancy, Master of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration in Technology Commercialization, Master of Strategic Communication, and Project-Based Master of Business Administration programs and to any alumni of those programs. Individuals who are sincerely interested in learning how to improve personal and business skills and behaviors (those who are interested in exploring new concepts and gaining critical feedback) will do well in the Master Track Program.

Master Track Benefits

Master Track provides participants with a myriad of benefits. Every participant will have the opportunity to engage in an extensively personal nine-month mentorship with some of Utah's most revered business leaders. Monthly meetings with program facilitators and Master Track peers include breakfast and lunch. Almost every participant who completes the Master Track program reviews it as one of the most valuable parts of their MBA/MBATC experience.

You will also enjoy

  • Better understanding of the personal challenges and rewards in starting and/or running a business
  • Personal exposure to leaders to the greater Salt Lake business community and network building
  • Safe environment in which to explore personal and professional challenges and opportunities
  • Clearer understanding of the trade-offs of a chosen career path
  • Sense of fulfillment and accomplishment by helping yourself and others work through business and career issues
  • Trusting relationship with a successful, experienced businessperson who can help mentor and hold participants accountable
  • Experience in a small group where support, criticism, creativity and group process skills are fostered
  • Opportunity for personal/professional growth through exploration of strengths & development needs

Who it is for

Master Track is for Master of Accountancy, Master of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration in Technology Commercialization, Master of Strategic Communication, and Project-Based Master of Business Administration students and alumni dedicated to both their personal and professional development. The program does not have a set objective and relies on students establishing their goals and exploring challenges. Applicants must also be open to accepting feedback on highly personal and challenging issues. Participants can choose to focus their efforts on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, leadership development, career direction, networking, advice with professional issues, work-life balance and overcoming personal barriers to success. Master Track's structure makes it applicable for a wide range of career experience.

Preference will be given to applicants who demonstrate

  • An interest in professional and personal development: Participants interested in self-reflection and improvement and/or improving the organization they serve and/or the companies they wish to create will get the most out of, and contribute the most to, the Master Track program.
  • Leadership ability; in general, the participant needs to show how they have been a leader in the past and/or describe their leadership goals for the future.
  • Academic performance: applicants should have a 3.5 GPA and 20 credits minimum to apply

Applicants must provide

  • Commitment: Participants must commit to attending all meetings during the year. With the small size of the group, full participation will measurably enhance the quality of the experience.
  • Confidentiality: Each participant must agree to hold all discussions in strict confidence.
  • Openness: Each participant should have a "lifelong student" orientation and be willing to be an active participant in a group setting.

Professional Mentors

Master Track mentors represent some of the most successful and respected business leaders in Utah. Mentors are selected from a variety of career paths and industries, but each is deeply committed to enriching their communities and engaging in the Master Track program.

Your Commitment

Participants are required to attend monthly Saturday peer sessions from 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m., September–May. Additionally, participants are required to meet with their designated mentor once per month. Participants are also encouraged to engage with as many mentors, program facilitators, and participants in the program as often as possible to achieve maximum value from the program. Finally, participants should be fully prepared to be completely honest, open, and engaged in program discussions. Master Track is based on trust—all information shared is strictly confidential.

Program Cost

The complete charge for the Master Track program is $990, along with the time commitment.

How to Apply

Potential participants must submit a resume, 2 reference letters (1 can be from a previous Master Track participant/mentor), and an application including answers to 6 short essay questions.

Apply to Master Track


April 30Application Deadline

Leader(s) review candidate applications, conduct interviews, and select participants.

Master Track participant notification of acceptance, confirmation of attendance, confidentiality and active participation commitments. Encourage other applicants to apply next year.

Send your questions to

Master Track Application
Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business
1840 South 1300 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

Master Track Mentors

Gretchen Anderson
Brad Baldwin (on program sabbatical)
Doug Black (mentors at large)
Jim Clark (on program sabbatical)
Bob Frankenberg (mentors at large)
Ryan Hessenthaler
Shana L. Hopperstead, Master Track co-director
Dr. Ashok V. Joshi (mentors at large)
Dr. Linda Leckman
Dan Lofgren
Robert Myrick (on program sabbatical)
Jeff Nelson (on program sabbatical)
Shahab Saeed, Master Track Program Director
Bob Wheaton (on program sabbatical)
Jeff Whiting
Neal Berube
Greg Matis
Jeffery R. Dye (on program sabbatical)
Kim Mayhew, Solitude Mountain Resort
Carrie Romano
Anne Pendo (on program sabbatical)
Michael Deputy
Preston Chiaro
Jessica Kunzer, Program Facilitator
Steve Morgan (mentors at large)
Nancy Matro