students taking samples at the great salt lake

About the Biology Program

The biology program at Westminster provides environments for active learning both in and out of the classroom. Through hands-on, interdisciplinary coursework and guidance from dedicated faculty mentors, you'll construct your own knowledge and pursue your personal passions and interests.

Student Resources

Undergraduate Research

All students participate in research projects in Biology classrooms. For a deeper dive, apply for a faculty-mentored summer experience. Applications for summer undergraduate research projects are due in the spring semester.

Great Salt Lake Institute

The Great Salt Lake Institute connects people to the Great Salt Lake through research and education. The program includes field trips, curriculum, and a summer undergraduate research program.

Environmental Center

The Environmental Center promotes environmental awareness and leadership on campus and offers educational events, services that promote sustainable living, and support for environmental projects.

Student Perspective

students posing with jars of biology samples

Jules and Syd

Jules and Syd are Biology majors with Outdoor Recreation minors. They love doing science outside. They also started a podcast.

dan with guitar on stage with band


Dan is a guitarist. When he’s not touring, he’s interested in how genomes might work to protect microorganisms from solar radiation. Dan published a paper during his summer research.

Arly holding test tube at great salt lake


Arly loves Biology, but she also loves art. Her undergraduate research project involved creating a field guide for birds of Antelope Island. She has her own freelance science illustration business.

Meet the Faculty

Bonnie Baxter, Bonnie K., Ph.D

Bonnie Baxter, Bonnie K., Ph.D


Dave Kimberly, Ph.D

Dave Kimberly, Ph.D

Associate Professor

David Parrott, Ph.D

David Parrott, Ph.D

Assistant Professor