Request to Faculty for Incomplete Grade

Summary of Incomplete Policy

Students who have faced extenuating circumstances beyond their control, such as medical issues or family emergencies, may request that faculty assign them an incomplete grade.  At the time of request, students should have a passing grade and completed at least two-thirds of the required course work.  Generally incomplete grades are not given when the incomplete work includes team-based projects and assignments, although exceptions can be made.

If your faculty member determines and incomplete grade is warranted, all work must be completed by the date specified by the faculty member which cannot exceed 10 weeks beyond the end of the course.  When remaining coursework has been completed, the final grade reflected on the transcript will include the I and the letter grade (for example, IA).  

Note for graduating students:  A incomplete grade for any class in a student’s last semester will automatically move them to the next graduating semester.  


This form is not required by the registrar’s office but may be used to assist in requesting an incomplete grade from your instructor.  Some faculty members prefer direct communication through email, canvas or in person.  Please complete the fields below and a summary email will be sent to the instructor you list.