Undergraduate Virtual Conference

The 2021 Westminster Student Showcase is a virtual presentation of the important, high-level research Westminster undergraduate students have done. Students across various academic programs and schools participated with the approval of their faculty sponsor. Take a moment to explore all of the interesting projects students have undertaken this year.

Keynote Address

Dr. Noël M. Voltz

Listen to that Muffled Chord for She Calls: Finding the Voices of Black Women through Undergraduate Research 

Student Presentations

Stephanie Anglin

Welsh Nationalism: Identity Politics, Whiteness, and Leek Legends 

Anika Anna Angriman

Architecture as a Weapon of Political and Social Control in Dictatorships

Kate Blair

Sacred In-Between

Rebecca Blanton

Reframing Systemic Solutions

Hailey Brookins

Modeling Drought Severity with Meteorological Predictors

Hailey Brookins & Ian Nadel

The long-term impacts of Green Phoenix Farm: Gaps in data collection methodology 

Hezro Da Silva

A Computational Study of Protonated Glutamine Decomposition

Teagan Feely

Evaluation of Potential HDV-like Reservoirs

Taylor Fuchs

The Effect of SD 

Rebecca Madsen

National Air Quality and Its Effects on Adult Asthma, A Time Series Analysis

Kian J. McInnis

Naivete in Power

Luke Miller

Limnology of Silver Lake

Nia Morton

The Power of Naming as Coloniality: Shaping our Ontologies and Epistemologies

Niklas Nihtila

Impact of regulation changes and interest rates on private company acquisitions

Reece Rhodes

Numerical Approximations of a Computer Chip

Sam Shaver

The Short Squeeze of Gamestop: Retail Investor vs. Hedge Funds

Lucas Vayo

Impact and Prevention of Racial Bias for Medical Providers: A Review

Paula Wang

Portfolio Optimization & Forecast

Blaine Whitford

No Neutral Ground: The Activist Churches Confront Apartheid

Bailey Wymes

Queer Art as a Tool for Activism