Math, Physics & Computer Tutoring

Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Math, Physics, and Computer Science Tutoring Center will offer students virtual, face-to-face feedback in real-time on coursework for math, computer science, and physics classes during the hours listed on this page.

Scheduling an Appointment

  1. Create an account if you haven't before. If you already have an account (for example, if you've used the Writing Center through the same system in the past), you can us that to log in.
  2. Make sure to select "MATH/CS/PHYS Tutor Center" when logging in.
  3. Once at the schedule, click on the time you'd like to schedule an appointment. You can select tutors with particular specialties from the "Specialties" menu at the top of the schedule. Tutors will be added to the schedule as they complete training on conducting online appointments.
  4. Enter all required information, including whether the appointment is for a specific assignment and information about that assignment(s).

If you need help arranging virtual tutoring, you can watch an instructional video.

Schedule an Appointment

What to Expect

You will be able to communicate with a tutor using video, audio, or chat. At the time of your appointment:

  1. Log into your scheduled appointment 5–10 minutes ahead of time.
  2. Open your appointment and click "Start or Join Online Consultation.
  3. To upload your coursework, click on the "Import/Export" button in the upper right corner (with 2 arrows pointing in opposite directions).

About the Math, Physics, and Computer Science Tutoring Center

The Math, Physics, and Computer Science Tutoring Center provides free assistance with math, computer science, and physics classes to all Westminster students. When you come to the center, you can expect an individualized session with an experienced tutor.

Courses with Tutoring Available

  • MATH: 142, 144, 201, 202, 203, 210
  • CMPT: 201, 202
  • PHYS: 151, 152, 211, 212, 370
  • DATA: 220
  • WCSAM: 203
  • BIOL: 370
  • CHEM: 370


Individual tutors choose their availability within the center's general hours of Sunday–Thursday, 9 a.m.–7 p.m.

Meet the Tutors

I am currently a sophomore pursuing a degree in theatre arts, focusing on performance. Besides theatre, my next favorite subject is math, and I really love calculus!

Courses Tutored: MATH 142, MATH 144, MATH 201, MATH 202

I am a physics major and computer science. I am currently a junior. Since I was a kid, I’ve wanted to be a physicist. That dream has not changed. My goals are to graduate from Westminster with my bachelor of science in physics and then go to grad school to get a PhD in physics with an emphasis on astronomy and astrophysics. The classes I’ve taken at Westminster have all been amazing for getting me closer to realizing that dream. I plan to use my computer science knowledge I’ve gained to automate the data collection and processing of my observational astronomy so that I can collect massive amounts of data and analyze it quickly.

Through all the classes I’ve taken, I’ve left with something I can put to work in my career. This is the reason I want to tutor students in these very same classes. I want to not only be able to give them the resources they need to succeed, but I want to learn from them as well. Engaging with different students from different backgrounds and with different perspectives will allow me to further increase the amount of tools I have at my disposal when it comes to being a successful physicist. I believe I have many skills and experiences which would allow me to excel in the tutoring role.

In high school, I tutored students in Algebra 2. I was the only tutor for it, and I had anywhere from 1–10 students depending on the day. Here, I learned how to talk to students in a way that made them feel comfortable asking questions. I found that this was the most important part of tutoring. If a student doesn’t feel comfortable, they won’t want to ask the questions they need answers to.

I feel very comfortable with my knowledge of physics, math, and computer science. In all of these classes, I felt a firm understanding of the subject material. Specifically, for computer science, I feel as though I could tutor any of the languages used thus far, be it Java, Python, C, C#, or assembly language. Although, if I’m being honest, I’m likely not the best resource for assembly programming help.

I feel that my people skills are sufficient to convey the learning material in such a way that it is easiest for each individual student to absorb best. Every student learns differently. I feel that I will be able to recognize these differences and adapt my tutoring accordingly.

Courses Tutored: MATH 201, MATH 202, CMPT 201, CMPT 202, PHYS 211, PHYS 212

I feel like tutors play a vital role in the learning process. I often have been confused or not completely following along in my classes, and going to a friend or professor has really helped me understand the concepts I was less sure about. I think that being a tutor and being able to see the development of concepts in students' heads because I helped them is an amazing reward all on its own. I have tutored my siblings throughout the years and helped them get through some hard subjects when it comes to math. I also have earned high grades throughout my academic career that I think qualifies me to be a tutor in these subjects. I also have received a certification in Software Development from the Ogden-Weber Technical College while in high school.

Courses Tutored: MATH 144, CMPT 201, CMPT 202

I’m currently a computer science senior who has a great passion for developing and programming. I have 3 years of experience studying computer science with 3 semesters of a 4.0 GPA and a 3.67 cumulative GPA.

With over 100 contributions on GitHub, I have various experience building projects using Java, Python, C#, Node.js, Spring, and MySQL. I also have experience with C, assembly language, Angular9, Linux, Android Studio, SQLite, and Unity Engine. As the founder of the Women in Computer Science Club, I have attended the Rocky Mountain Celebration of Women in Computing, the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (with a GHC Scholarship), and the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit. I enjoy programming and computer science, as well as helping others achieve their success in computer science.

Courses Tutored: CMPT 201, CMPT 202, MATH 210, DATA 220

I am a computer science and math major; both of them are important and enjoyable to me. I love the logic beauty of math and enjoy applying this in the computer science world to find answers to practical problems. I am a patient guy and willing to share my experience to work out questions with you!

Please call me Wanjing or Jeanna. My pronouns are she/her/hers.

Courses Tutored: MATH 144, MATH 201, MATH 202, MATH 203, MATH 210, WCSAM 203, DATA 220, CMPT 201

I am a physics major and junior. I mainly tutor physics classes and math classes in the Math, Physics, and Computer Science Tutoring Center. I consider myself to be talented in physics and math, and I have done remarkable jobs in physics classes that I have ever taken. I also work as a private tutor for PHYS 211 and PHYS 212, as well as calculus courses.

In my academic career, I enjoy taking challenges and solving difficult questions in physics and math to make my mind sharper and stronger. I have also been accumulating experiences from my previous 2 semesters working here, so I will be prepared for the coming school years.

Courses Tutored: MATH 142, MATH 144, MATH 201, MATH 202, MATH 203, MATH 210, WCSAM 203, DATA 220, PHYS/BIOL/CHEM 370, PHYS 151, PHYS 152, PHYS 211, PHYS 212