Meet Westminster International Students

  • Dariia

    Dariia Miroshnikova

    Home: St. Petersburg, Russia
    Languages: Russian, English, French
    Campus jobs: Graphic Designer, English Tutor
    Why Westminster?
    When I first arrived at Westminster I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as a career.  I took a lot of different types of classes and eventually I decided on a Communication major. Now I use the skills I learned in my campus job as a graphic designer.
  • Vi Dao

    Vi Dao

    Home: Hanoi, Vietnam
    Accounting and Finance
    Languages: Vietnamese and English
    Campus jobs: International Recruiting Assistant
    Why Utah?
    Utah a safe and beautiful state. You can do many outdoors activities here all year round. There're a lot of beautiful places to visit (national parks, state parks, monuments, etc.) There are also a lot of career opportunities for students after graduation.
  • Charchit

    Charchit Dahal

    Home: Bhaktapur, Nepal
    Computer Science
    Languages: Nepali, Hindi, Urdu, English
    Campus jobs: START Center Office Lead, Ellipsis Magazine Production Editor
    Why Westminster?
    Westminster is a great place for international students because it offers a small campus community where diversity is prime. Prospective international students are encouraged to apply because we believe in inclusion and communication as a way of achieving academic excellence.
  • Sara D’Agostino

    Sara D’Agostino

    Home: Milan, Italy
    Languages: Italian, English
    Campus jobs: Research Assistant - Finance program
    Why Westminster?
    I have so many amazing opportunities as a result of the people, especially the faculty that I’ve met at Westminster. I've gotten two great off-campus internships with finance companies that are providing me with really valuable work experience.
  • Yiran Qin

    Yiran Qin

    Home: Wuxi, China
    Mathematics and Public Health
    Languages: Chinese, English
    Campus jobs: Computer Support Technician, QUARC team, International Chair of ASW, and Chinese tutor
    Why Westminster?
    The small and beautiful campus provides many possibilities to make new friends and get involved in the community. Everyone has equal resources to build up yourself, and make yourself more confident.
  • Sanskriti Timseena

    Sanskriti Timseena

    Home: Kathmandu, Nepal
    Computer Science and Mathematics
    Languages: Nepali, Hindi, English, learning Spanish
    Campus jobs: Computer Support Technician, Student Web and Interaction Designer, and Walkways Mentor
    Why Westminster?
    Westminster has really small class sizes. I don't think I would get as much learning out of my classes anywhere else. Also, I love that downtown is a bus ride away. There is always something to do there during the weekends when you need to get away from your books.
  • Ali Saffary

    Ali Saffary

    Home: Tehran, Iran
    Computer Science
    Languages: English, Farsi
    Campus jobs: Giovale Library Circulation Assistant, and QUARC team
    Why Westminster?
    The faculty and staff of Westminster College are committed to student success and making sure you have a great experience.
  • Cayla Martin

    Cayla Martin

    Home: Johannesburg, South Africa
    Languages: English and Afrikaans
    Campus jobs: Great Salt Lake Institute Summer Undergraduate Research, International Admissions Assistant
    Why is Westminster a great school for international students?
    At Westminster you don't feel like just a number, which is super important as an international student. With the help of the amazing Office for Global Engagement, Westminster easily became my home away from home.
  • Obaid Barakzi

    Obaid Barakzi

    Home: Kabul, Afghanistan
    International Political Economy (Custom Major)
    Languages: Pashto, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, German, Arabic, and English
    Campus jobs: ASW Executive Creative Director, GPS Office Program and Logistics Coordinator
    Why Utah?
    I came to Utah because the mountains remind me of home. They give me a sense of belonging. People in Utah are friendly and there are so many fun places to visit like Homestead Crater, Lake Powell, and Buckskin Gulch.