Our Curriculum

You won't find this curriculum anywhere else.

After two years of intensive review of other flight programs and learning as much as we can about the imminent changes to industry training standards, Westminster has created a unique, innovative flight curriculum that sets us apart from all other programs. While every collegiate flight program promises to provide students with the academic backgrounds and flight skills they will need to be successful, that's no longer enough. Changes in industry standards demand that flight programs become much more innovative and outcome-focused. Westminster is the place to develop those skills that are in high demand.

Focus on Decision-Making and Critical Thinking

Students in our program develop these very important skills through:

  • A unique, FAA-approved, scenario-based flight curriculum. 
  • An innovative approach to evaluating learning outcomes, learner-centered grading, where students are actively involved in the grading process.
  • Opportunities throughout the integrated curriculum to develop and build problem-solving strategies and crew resource management skills. 

Integrate Industry Changes Now - Not Later

As other programs are patiently waiting for the anticipated announcements that will significantly alter pilot selection and training, we made ourselves aware of those changes and immediately developed a program designed to align with the changes.

Aspects of the airline industry that are expected to change:

  • How pilots are selected for hire at the regional airline level.
  • How pilots are trained at the regional airline level.
  • What minimum flight time requirements will be needed to meet new hiring standards.

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