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Campus Directory

Name Department Phone Email
Ranjan Adiga English 801.832.2382
Melanie Agnew School of Education 801.832.2474
Chanae Allred Office of Communication 801.832.2687
Jonathan Amburgey Psychology 801.832.2381
Patrick Amico Athletics
Madi Anderson School of Nursing Health Sci. 801.832.2151
Oliver Anderson Student Service Administration 801.832.2242
Bree Ann Anderson Athletics 801.832.2394
Deyanira Ariza-Velasco Spanish 801.832.2386
Susan Arsht Management 801.832.2632
Kelly Asao Psychology 801.832.2123
Kirsten Astle Athletics
Trentin Atkin Athletics
David Baddley Art 801.832.2329
Richard Badenhausen Provost's Office 801.832.2460
Spencer Bagley Mathematics 801.832.2373
Matthew Baker Communication 801.832.2818
Julie Balk Master of Science in Nursing 801.832.2172
Dalton Bamburg School of Education 801.832.2471
Shaelyn Barber Admissions 801.832.2226
Kara Barnette Philosophy 801.832.2413
Bonnie Baxter-Clark Biology 801.832.2345
Ellen Behrens MS Clin Mental Hlth Counsel 801.832.2427
Erika Bell Athletics
Conor Bentley Institutional Advancement 801.832.2758
Matthew Berg Athletics 801.832.2368
Chance Beutler Athletics
Dale Bianucci Maintenance 801.832.2530
Frank Black Chemistry 801.832.2351
Michael Blackburn Master of Business Admin 801.578.3500
Mackenzie Bledsoe Center for Civic Engagement 801.832.2050
Andrea Bocage Human Resources Management 801.832.2573
Karlyn Bond Faculty Emeritus
Natalie Boren Environmental Studies
Ryan Braeger Retention and Student Success 801.832.2568
Jessica Brazell-Brayboy Student Service Administration 801.832.2235
Jordan Briggs MS Counseling Psychology 801.832.2366
Robert Brinkman School of Arts and Sciences 801.832.2311
Rebecca Britt Admissions 801.832.2240
Quinn Brown Maintenance 801.832.2530
Nancy Brown Institutional Advancement 801.832.2731
Spencer Brown Theatre 801.832.2442
Marlee Brown Human Resources Management 801.832.2571
Bri Buckley Legal, Risk Mgmt and Safety 801.832.2529
Daniel Bunker Nursing 801.832.2175
Gaylen Bunker Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2004
Vince Buongiovanni Business
Jaimi Butler School of Arts and Sciences 801.832.2308
Molly Butterworth Counseling 801.832.2246
Bill Bynum Mathematics 801.832.2401
Dan Byrne Faculty Emeritus
Peggy Cain Education 801.832.2479
Trayven Call Fitness, Wellness, Recreation
Donna Campbell Enrollment Management 801.832.2214
Leslie-Ann Campbell Administrative Services 801.832.2140
Ariel Campos Admissions 801.832.2204
Anneliese Cannon Education 801.832.2487
Emilio Casillas School of Arts and Sciences 801.832.2458
Eleonor Castillo Education 801.832.2486
Eileen Chanza Torres English 801.832.2372
Dick Chapman Project-Based MBA 801.832.2625
Mary Jane Chase Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2393
Katie Christensen MS Clin Mental Hlth Counsel
Robert Christensen Facilities Management 801.832.2523
Audrey Clare Career Services 801.832.2593
Spencer Clark School of Arts and Sciences 801.832.2312
Christy Clay Biology 801.832.2375
Chris Cline Physics 801.832.2346
Erin Coleman Serrano Communication 801.832.2842
Marilee Coles-Ritchie Education 801.832.2475
Richard Collins Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2665
Carolyn Connell Faculty Emeritus
John Contreras Master of Public Health
Peter Conwell Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2357
Krista Coombs Business
Elyse Correa Office of Communication 801.832.2522
Russ Costa Honors 801.832.2459
Sharon Crawley School of Nursing Health Sci. 801.832.2152
Harrison Crisman Information Services 801.832.2026
Brandon Cross Athletics
Harry Cross, Jr Master of Business Admin
Alicia Cunningham-Bryant Honors 801.832.2467
Jocelyn Cuthbert Biology 801.832.2156
Jonas D'Andrea Mathematics 801.832.2397
Jessica Dalton Institutional Advancement 801.832.2761
Andrea Davenport School of Arts and Sciences 801.832.2444
Hannah Davenport Accounting 801.832.2120
Christopher Davids Psychology 801.832.2405
Mikala Davis Athletics
Sam Davis Nursing 801.832.2145
Olivia Dawson Pottery 801.832.2332
Sara Demko Provost's Office 801.832.2825
Mary Denison Financial Aid 801.832.2504
Brandon Derfler Music 801.832.2441
Spencer Devilbiss Library 801.832.2255
Mark Dilmore Campus Patrol
Beth Dobkin Office of the President 801.832.2553
Georgi Donavin English 801.832.2371
Don Doxey Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2300
Jeff Driggs Institutional Advancement 801.832.2737
Shari Duckworth Student Account Services 801.832.2134
Trevor Dunn Nursing 801.832.2191
Marquis DuPre Athletics 801.832.2334
Taylor Duryee Safety
Chelsea Dye Accounting 801.832.3546
Dixie Egan Administrative Services 801.832.2140
Chris Eggett Information Services 801.832.2037
Charlie Ehin Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2600
Lesa Ellis Neuroscience 801.832.2425
Doreen Espinoza Business 385.331.1849
Connie Etter Honors 801.832.2327
Parisa Farahanikia Administrative Services 801.832.2141
Chari Farr Accounting 801.832.2639
Lottie Felkner Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2150
Hollie Fernandez Disability Services/Testing Ce 801.832.2272
Josh Fisher Nursing 801.832.2159
Diane Forster-Burke Faculty Emeritus
Christie Fox Retention and Student Success 801.832.2260
Christian Fritze Counseling 801.832.2313
Greg Gagne Computer Science 801.832.2361
Esmeralda Garcia Accounting 801.832.2128
Emmy Gardiner Admissions 801.832.2112
Victoria Garrow Institutional Advancement 801.832.2754
Mike Gaschler Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2300
Rachel Genther Athletics
Kellie Gerbers Outdoor Ed & Leadership 801.832.2494
Sharon Gibbons Institutional Advancement 801.832.2740
Kaitlyn Gibbs Fitness, Wellness, Recreation
Erin Gibson Counseling 801.832.2237
Michael Glissmeyer Management 801.832.2641
Alexx Goeller Fitness, Wellness, Recreation
Peter Goldman Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2378
Dave Goldsmith Geology 801.832.2356
Yvette Gonzalez Counseling 801.865.4076
Tal Gordon Admissions 801.832.2295
Elhom Gosink Enrollment Management 801.832.2292
Vicki Graham [Whiting] Management 801.832.2640
Zoey Gray Outdoor Ed & Leadership
Shianne Gray Institutional Advancement 801.832.2357
Peter Greco Information Services 801.832.2005
Mark Green Campus Patrol 801.832.2525
Julie Greene Office of Communication 801.832.2083
April Greener Master of Science in Nursing 801.832.2144
Brian Gregory Library 801.832.2254
Kenton Gregory Plant Administration 801.832.2530
Justin Griffiths Information Services 801.832.2034
Andrea Gritton Fitness, Wellness, Recreation
Alex Gulck Registrar's Office 801.832.2188
Faye Gulini Business 801.832.3402
Susan Gunter Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2300
Rick Hackford Athletics 801.832.2355
Judy Hall Faculty Emeritus
Amanda Hankins Student Service Administration
Anya Hankuliyeva Institutional Advancement
Britany Hansen Provost's Office 801.832.3252
Elizabeth Harald Nursing 801.832.2147
Margaret Harcum Financial Aid 801.832.2505
Niki Harding Athletics 801.832.2865
Ethan Harrison Information Services 801.832.2021
Jennifer Harrison Accounting 801.832.2612
Richard Haskell Finance 801.832.2614
Steve Haslam French 801.832.2385
Maddie Hayes Admissions 801.832.2229
James Hedges Professional and Continuing Ed 801.832.2452
Lisa Heiskell Career Services 801.832.2599
Lacie Helfert Athletics
Chris Hendrickson Athletics 801.832.2349
Nayethzi Hernandez Student Service Administration 801.832.2278
Maggie HerrNeckar Athletics
Joe Hickman Athletics
Helen Hodgson Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2821
Steve Hofer Athletics
Dara Hoffa Accounting 801.832.2617
Kathryn Holmes Legal, Risk Mgmt and Safety 801.832.2565
Michelle Holt Office of the President 801.832.2550
Helen Hu Computer Science 801.832.2362
Katherine Huffmyer Admissions
Cozy Huggins Student Service Administration 801.832.5300
Ben Huppi Athletics 801.832.2333
Robyn Hyde Chemistry 801.832.2348
Kenan Ince Mathematics 801.832.2843
Peter Ingle Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2481
Marta Iversen Neuroscience 801.832.2438
Laura Iverson Fitness, Wellness, Recreation 801.832.2863
Jenteal Jackson Athletics 801.832.2340
Dax Jacobson Dean - Business 801.832.2629
Shelley Jarrard Athletics 801.832.2400
Trisha Jensen Student Service Administration 801.832.2598
Chante Jimenez Education 801.832.2480
Shae Johnson Human Resources Management 801.832.2574
Eric Johnson Enrollment Management 801.832.2205
Erica Johnson Enrollment Management 801.832.2206
Jessica Johnston Chemistry 801.832.2395
Justine Jones Athletics 801.832.2328
Nathan Jones Enrollment Management 801.832.2291
Sue Jones Master of Science in Nursing 801.832.2149
Madi Jones Library 801.832.2270
Lauren Jones Admissions
Kristi Jones Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2488
Stephanie Jones-Morin Athletics 801.832.2374
Brian Jorgensen Marketing 801.832.2650
Josh Juarez Athletics 801.832.2367
Kathryn Julian History 801.832.2753
Reese Julian Library 801.832.2256
Bradley Kahrs Education 801.832.2482
Julia Kamenetzky Physics 801.832.2845
Jody Katz Disability Services/Testing Ce 801.832.2289
Kimi Kawashima Music 801.832.2379
Mike Keene Technology Commercialization 801.832.2636
Jackson Kelley Athletics
Timothy Kelley Outdoor Ed & Leadership
Laura Kendellen Office of Communication 801.832.2082
Graham Kennedy Institutional Advancement 801.832.2744
AJ Kerns Professional and Continuing Ed 801.832.3404
Joe Kerwin Athletics 801.832.2338
Quynh Killpack Admissions 801.832.2215
Han Kim Public Health 801.832.2176
Dave Kimberly Biology 801.832.2347
Mary Kingsbury Alley School of Arts and Sciences 801.832.2304
Bernard Kintzing Athletics
David Knoell Theatre 801.832.2435
Shirley Knox Faculty Emeritus
Daniel Kralovetz Campus Patrol 801.832.2525
Sierra Krippner Student Service Administration 801.832.2195
Matt Kruback Art 801.832.2330
Justine Kueffner Athletics
Kay Kuzminski Faculty Emeritus
Jared Larkin Theatre 801.832.2436
Denise Larson Athletics
Tony LeBlanc Athletics 801.832.2328
Bri LeBreton Student Service Administration 801.832.2815
Christopher LeCluyse English 801.832.2417
Jillian Leis Safety
Kathryn Lenth Computer Science 801.832.2317
Aaron Lewis Information Services 801.832.2006
Daniel Lewis Institutional Advancement 801.832.2760
Jingsai Liang Computer Science 801.832.2421
Jessica Lind Postage & Mail 801.832.2692
Kari Lindsey Student Service Administration 801.832.2814
Lauren Lo Re Finance 801.832.2648
Sarah Lof Registrar's Office 801.832.2182
Ronda Lucey Master of Science in Nursing 801.832.2157
Lizette Lyon Professional and Continuing Ed 801.832.3403
Sage Maaranen Athletics
Haley Mahler Career Services 801.832.2594
Ofa Makaui Maintenance
Krikor Makhdoumian Information Services 801.832.2016
Michael Mamo Economics 801.832.2631
Deborah Marzano School of Business 801.832.2609
Heidi Mason Nursing 801.832.2154
Nic Mastergeorge Athletics
Nicholas Mathison Facilities Management
Filipe Mausia Maintenance
Diana Mavlanova Fitness, Wellness, Recreation
Joshua Maxfield Athletics
Devin Maxwell Music 801.832.2449
Ashley May Office of Communication
Colette McAfee Master of Public Health 801.832.2168
Taylor McCombs Geology Department
Nate McDonald Athletics
Sam McGettigan Financial Aid 801.832.2509
Cydney McHenry Athletics
Kyle McKim Admissions 801.832.2218
Patrick McMillion MS Clin Mental Hlth Counsel
Kara McShane-Hefley School of Arts and Sciences 801.832.2303
Jennifer Medrano Accounting Office 801.832.2126
Troy Mehr Maintenance
Faust Mejia Athletics
Ken Meland Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2637
Julian Mendez Psychology 801.832.2415
Jill Michaelson Nursing 801.832.2163
David Mickelson Maintenance
Cristina Monge Nursing 801.832.2160
Kim Montano School of Education
Josh Montavon Financial Aid
Karrin Moore Athletics 801.832.2343
Izzy Moore Admissions 801.832.2208
Nick More Philosophy 801.832.2410
Ted Morris MS Nurse Anesthesia 801.832.2125
Winter Morse Information Services 801.832.2007
Alysse Morton Management 801.832.2638
Stephanie Moyle School of Business 801.832.2602
Francine Mullen Outdoor Ed & Leadership
Jade Murray Safety
Elizabeth Nagelhout Master of Public Health 801.832.2124
Curtis Newbold Communication 801.832.2827
Lance Newman School of Arts and Sciences 801.832.2301
Jeff Nichols History 801.832.2392
Meredith Nickels Registrar's Office 801.832.2228
Jerad Nigh Campus Patrol 801.832.2525
Norka Nishijima Institutional Advancement
Melissa Nisonger Registrar's Office 801.832.2183
Kristjane Nordmeyer Sociology 801.832.2432
Sheri Norlund Information Services 801.832.2025
Virginia Oelkers Information Services 801.832.2033
Scott Olsen Flight Operations 801.832.2918
Brent Olson Environmental Studies 801.832.2380
Lowell Oswald Special Education 801.832.2483
Q Otuafi Admissions 801.832.2222
Chris Paige Athletics 801.832.2890
Wendy Palmer-Derby Accounts Payable 801.832.2136
Norm Parrish Athletics 801.832.2336
David Parrott Biology 801.832.2429
Roberto Passalacqua Information Services
Rob Patterson Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2645
Holly Patterson Plant Administration 801.832.2515
Frances Peacock Retention and Student Success 801.832.2279
Rebecca Penerosa Arts Education 801.832.2847
Taylor Penrod Athletics 801.832.2334
David Perry Provost's Office 801.832.2584
LeAnn Peterson Pottery 801.832.2332
Casie Peterson Office of Communication 801.832.2683
Michiko Pinnington Administrative Services 801.832.2148
Josh Pittman Athletics 801.832.2364
Nick Pollock Honors 801.832.2352
Matti Pomeroy Human Resources Department 801.832.2572
Erynn Pontius Retention and Student Success 801.832.2564
Michael Popich Philosophy 801.832.2411
Spencer Potter Theatre 801.832.2464
Prezley Potter Athletics
Walter Prado Admissions 801.832.2224
Paul Presson Psychology 801.832.2424
Alexa Price Admissions 801.832.2207
Xiumei Pu Environmental Studies 801.832.2402
Christopher Puckett Music 801.832.2316
Kailie Quinn Athletics
Dan Quinn Athletics 801.832.2334
Chris Quinn Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2437
Barry Quinn Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2300
Ismael Quiroz Maintenance
Sean Raleigh Mathematics 801.832.2398
Britley Ranstadler Institutional Advancement 801.832.2736
Tiffany Rasmussen Fitness, Wellness, Recreation
Mario Reeve Admissions 801.832.2202
Maggie Regier Institutional Advancement 801.832.2742
Carissa Reisinger Athletics
Roksana Rezaei Information Services 801.832.2003
Joann Rieben Fitness, Wellness, Recreation
Rebecca Riley Admissions 801.832.2220
Tiffany Rivera Geology 801.832.2396
Jeff Robinson Information Services 801.832.2031
Terri Rodgers Provost's Office 801.832.2582
Piper Rogers Administrative Services 801.832.2139
Alan Rogers Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2619
Beverly Ronnow Fitness, Wellness, Recreation
Mary Royal Human Resources Department 801.832.2496
Mark Rubinfeld Sociology 801.832.2430
Maggie Russell Institutional Advancement 801.832.2752
Tony Russell Campus Patrol 801.832.2527
Damir Sabanovic Athletics
Jan Saeed Student Service Administration 801.832.2232
Natasha Saje English 801.832.2376
Rebecca Sanderson Nursing 801.832.2162
Michael Santarosa Registrar's Office 801.832.2185
Stephanie Santarosa Honors 801.832.2462
Jake Scannell Athletics 530.913.2497
Cordelia Schaffer Nursing 801.832.2161
Nancy Schmitt Marketing 801.832.2646
Douglas Schooley Campus Patrol 801.832.2525
Keaton Schrank Environmental Center 801.832.3300
Barbara Schulz Smith Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2420
Vanessa Seals Provost's Office 801.832.3251
Natalie Seely Legal, Risk Mgmt and Safety 801.832.2657
Cid Seidelman Economics 801.832.2586
Christy Seifert Communication 801.832.2824
Ashley Seitz Kramer School of Arts and Sciences 801.832.2302
Bill Self Student Service Administration 801.832.2241
Pamela Shields Office of Communication 801.832.2900
William Shiflett School of Business 801.832.2603
Art Shimata MS Nurse Anesthesia 801.832.2146
Cory Shipp Counseling 801.832.2273
Joyce Sibbett Faculty Emeritus
Gretchen Siegler Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2426
Beth Silvero Student Service Administration
Jordan Simpson Campus Patrol
Davor Simunovic Honors
Traci Siriprathane Student Service Administration 801.832.2862
Jovana Sisovic Business 801.832.2635
Matthew Smidt Athletics
Glenn Smith Student Service Administration 801.832.2826
Lindsie Smith Provost's Office 801.832.2588
Jana Smith Accounting 801.832.2121
Hal Snarr Economics 801.832.2634
Stephen Splinter Campus Patrol 801.832.2525
Kaye Stackpole Institutional Advancement 801.832.2735
Dave Stanley Faculty Emeritus
Sheryl Steadman School of Nursing Health Sci. 801.832.2164
Tom Steinke Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2470
Marc Stevens Institutional Advancement 801.832.2751
Tamara Stevenson Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 801.832.2454
Dewey Stewart Campus Patrol 801.832.2525
Julie Stewart Honors 801.832.2418
James Stimpson MS Nurse Anesthesia 801.832.2158
Rebecca Storms Fitness, Wellness, Recreation
Heather Stringfellow Institutional Advancement 801.832.2749
Emily Stromness School of Nursing Health Sci. 801.832.2173
Stephanie Stroud Theatre 801.832.2309
Bruce Summerhays Athletics
Emily Swanson Library 801.832.2257
Jess Sweitzer Student Service Administration 801.832.2245
Emmalee Szwedko Office of the President 801.832.2553
Debbie Tahmassebi Provost's Office 801.832.2582
Juanita Takeno RNBS Program 801.832.2165
Ashlyn Talcott School of Business 801.832.2605
Nadja Tavu'i Education
Syd Tervort Administrative Services 801.832.2133
Zayden Tethong Library 801.832.2266
Autumn Thatcher Office of Communication 801.832.2688
David Thomas Athletics
Jonathon Thomas Athletics
Cindy Thomas Nursing 801.832.2178
Braden Thompson Enrollment Management 801.832.2221
Bianca Thompson Mathematics 801.832.2337
Hannah Thorne Institutional Advancement 801.832.2732
Adia Thornton Office of Communication 801.832.2084
Julie Tille Provost's Office 801.832.2840
Krista Todd Neuroscience 801.832.2408
Alexa Torbert Athletics
Maria Torres-Demas Computer Science 801.832.2387
Ian Troost Student Service Administration 801.832.2238
Diane Van Os Nursing 801.832.2169
Jerry Van Os Faculty Emeritus
Kara VanSted Information Services 801.832.2020
Alison Vasquez International Student Services 801.832.2829
AJ Verkouw Fitness, Wellness, Recreation 801.832.2876
Michael Vielma Admissions 801.832.2229
Mark Vittum Maintenance
Arikka Von Office of Communication 801.832.2682
Michael Vought Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2438
Nina Vought Faculty Emeritus 801.832.8439
Meghan Wall Dance 801.832.2820
Brittany Wallace Accounting Office 801.832.2122
Tong Wan Physics 801.832.2819
Janine Wanlass MS Clin Mental Hlth Counsel 801.832.2428
John Watkins Economics 801.832.2628
Amy Westberg Office of Communication 801.832.2199
Alex Wetmore Athletics 801.832.2446
Tiana White Fitness, Wellness, Recreation 801.832.2861
Jodi Whited Mayo Accounting 801.832.2130
Earl Widner Maintenance 801.989.0830
Emily Williams Music 801.832.2445
Janine Wittwer Mathematics 801.832.2404
Jon Worthen Nursing 801.832.2155
Liz Wray Student Service Administration
Maria Wrotniak Faculty Emeritus 801.832.2629
Shay Wyatt Athletics 801.832.2344
Twila Wycoff Accounts Payable 801.832.2132
Sheila Yorkin Office of Communication 801.832.2685
Nicholas Zachary Outdoor Ed & Leadership
Mike Zarkin Political Science 801.832.2431
Kim Zarkin Communication 801.832.2823
Brittany Zink Fitness, Wellness, Recreation


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