Mary Jane Chase

Mary Jane Chase, Ph.D

Faculty Emeriti
Faculty Emeritus
Faculty Emeritus

Phone: 801.832.2393


Office Location: Foster


Ph.D. Columbia University Teachers College
B.A. Stanford University


Born and raised in university towns (Evanston, IL and Ann Arbor, MI), the love of academia and a sense of humor drove me to spend the rest of my life in school. I fell in love with Paris at 16 (high school trip) and have tried to arrange my life ever since to have an excuse to return to France on a regular basis. I teach a variety of courses in European history and World History, covering topics from the ancient world through the French Revolution. My decision to come to Westminster College was the best professional and personal decision I ever made. If you've ever met the Westminster faculty and students you understand completely!


I have gotten involved with the "Reacting to the Past" historical role-playing games in the past few years. All students are welcome in these games. Come and check us out! Current Undergraduate Research Projects include: Biography of Charles de Bourbon, Duc de Vendome, the governor of Picardy in the 16th century and grandfather of Henri IV; Creating a digital map of 16th century Amiens with related data overlay; Developing a database of the letters of Erasmus for undergraduate research using data visualization software; Recreating an artistic rendition of a 16th-century tomb that was destroyed in the 18th century. My personal research focus is sixteenth-century France and I look specifically at materials related to the city of Amiens. I am an archival historian and have worked with manuscripts such as inventories after death, letters, town council minutes, etc.