Kenan Ince

Associate Professor, Mathematics

Kenan Ince


Full-Time Faculty
Associate Professor

Phone: 801.832.2843


Office Location: Foster Hall 311


Ph.D. Rice University
B.A. Austin College


"Why insist on education and mathematics education, and on doing mathematics itself, if we do not perceive how our practice can help to achieve a new organization of society, a planetary civilization anchored in respect, solidarity, and cooperation?"

—D'Ambrosio, 2006

My primary goal in teaching mathematics is to communicate to students that math is a creative, logical field with immense importance to society. I love facilitating students' discovery of the beauty of mathematics through small-group, inquiry-based learning. I am a mentor with the Math Alliance, which provides resources to underrepresented and underserved undergraduates interested in pursuing Ph.D.s in the mathematical sciences. 

I also coordinate the Cottonwood Hack the World Club and Tutoring Program, which is looking for paid volunteers in the spring and fall semesters. See my website for more information on each of these opportunities!

If you're a student of mine, check out online resources about my courses


Knot theory, topology of 3- and 4-manifolds, data analysis, scholarship on teaching and learning, inquiry-based learning, inclusion and social justice in mathematics, poetry, hiking


Kenan Ince