Diane Van Os

Professor, Nursing

Diane Van Os, MS

Full-Time Faculty

Phone: 801.832.2169

Email: dvanos@westminsteru.edu

Office Location: Health, Wellness, & Athletics 345

Office Hours: Th 09:00AM 04:00PM,MW 10:00AM 11:00AM,MW 10:00AM 11:00AM,MW 10:00AM 11:00AM,Th 12:00PM 03:00PM,Th 01:00PM 02:00PM,MW 01:00PM 02:00PM,MW 01:00PM 02:00PM,W 01:00PM 03:00PM,M 01:00PM 04:00PM,M 01:00PM 03:00PM,MW 01:00PM 03:00PM,MW 02:00PM 04:00PM,Th 02:00PM 03:00PM,MWTh 02:00PM 04:00PM,MW 04:00PM 05:00PM


M.S. University of Utah
B.S. University of Utah


I have worked with unsheltered women and children for many years.  I also have fun helping my son with his granola business and can be found at farmer's markets throughout the year.  Come visit me!  

Diane Van Os