Centers and Institutes

The Center for Civic Engagement connects the Westminster community to volunteer opportunities, student-run service programs, service-learning, and other civic engagement activities.

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The Center for Entrepreneurship fosters the skills critical to innovation, validation, planning, funding, and launching new ventures.

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The Center for Financial Analysis connects students and faculty to high-power computers to facilitate growth beyond theoretical learning and allow for practice in a real-world environment.

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The Center for Innovative Cultures helps implement practices that create an organizational culture that results in greater engagement, satisfaction, creativity, and productivity.

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The Environmental Center helps the Westminster community foster environmental awareness and engagement on our campus and in our community.

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The Great Salt Lake Institute aims to connect the community at-large to the Great Salt Lake through research and education.

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The Institute for Mountain Research promotes interdisciplinary research and learning related to the cultural, economic, scientific, and political facets of mountain landscapes and the people who live in them.

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The Student and Diversity and Inclusion Center promotes diversity and inclusion within the Westminster community and provides spaces for discussing issues of power, privilege, oppression, and social engagement.

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