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Queer Compass Program

Queer Compass is a student-led, administratively supported initiative through the Student Diversity and Inclusion Center that serves the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual/Ally+ (LGBTQIA+) population on Westminster's campus.

This initiative aims to foster community, visibility, and openness within the Westminster community. We host meetings where attendees can participate in multifaceted intersectional dialogues surrounding topics such as marginalization, victimization, safety, power, privilege, identity, gender, sexuality, higher education, and growth.

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Queer Compass creates a sense of belonging and community for students based on the shared interest and/or identity of queerness.

Resources provided by the group include:


To create a space for members to learn, grow, and build friendships, we organize a variety of fun events throughout the school year. We have taken students on an excursion to the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, dinner at City Creek Center, and to the Mystery Escape Room at The Gateway. To celebrate the end of finals, we enjoy holding a closing social, which in the past has featured guest speakers from the Rape Recovery Center discussing healthy relationships.

We also invite members to volunteer at the Utah Pride Center’s annual Queer Prom for high school students at the Salt Palace each April, and we love to attend the Utah Pride Festival every summer.


Many organizations and foundations offer scholarships (both need- and merit-based) to students within the LGBTQIA+ community. Queer Compass has compiled a list of several scholarships that Westminster students may be interested in or qualify for, which you can find here.

Attend a meeting or follow Queer Compass on Facebook or Twitter to learn more about events, resources, and local news.