Daniel K. Cairo

Daniel K CairoDaniel serves as the Director of Student Diversity and Inclusion Center. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcasting, with a minor in Ethnic Studies, and completed his Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Utah. Daniel is currently a doctoral student in Education Policy Studies in Social Foundation at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His scholarship focuses on how college students negotiate social change and bystander interventions in the age of neoliberalism. Daniel coordinates the center's efforts to make Westminster College a more inclusive and diverse campus. As a strong advocate for student inclusion and success, Daniel's efforts focus on increasing the visibility and inclusion of students of color, queer and gender nonconforming students, students with disabilities, and first-generation students.

Daniel's areas of expertise include social justice education, intergroup dialogue, interpersonal violence prevention education, bystander intervention education, and student leadership and engagement.

Kari Lindsey

Kari LindseyKari Lindsey serves as the Program Coordinator for the Student Diversity and Inclusion Center. Kari received her BA in English, and is currently enrolled in a Master’s program in Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Utah. Kari earned her graduate certificate in Gender Studies in 2016, and is passionate about intersectional inclusion work. Her scholarship centers on queer rhetoric, rhetoric surrounding assault survivors, educational inclusion work, collaborative classrooms, and intersectional feminism. Kari is passionate about creating more inclusive spaces for marginalized students, while also celebrating diversity on campus.

Kate Pasco

Kate PascoKate serves as the Program Coordinator for Queer Compass. She will graduate in Spring 2021 with a major in Educational Studies and a minor in Spanish. Since beginning to lead Queer Compass, she has compiled a list of nationwide scholarships for queer-identifying students, created a map of gender-neutral bathrooms on campus, and helped to take a group of volunteers to the Utah Pride Center’s annual Queer Prom. Her goals for the program are to increase visibility of LGBTQIA+ Griffins on campus, foster community, and make Westminster easier to navigate for queer students. She values student insight, so feel free to approach her with any new ideas for Queer Compass!

Amin Abdinasir

Amin AbdinasirAmin Abdinasir is the Coordinator of the Black Excellence program. He is from Kenya, and came to the US in September 2015. Amin is currently going to Westminster College as a sophomore perusing a degree in Math and Computer Science, and hopes to have a prestigious career after finishing college. Amin hopes to help people by teaching them what he has learned. Amin has volunteered at Hawthorne Elementary School, helping kids with project management. Amin is passionate about playing soccer, reading books and helping others.