The impact mentoring has on the academic experience of students cannot be overlooked: mentoring allows students to be connected to the institution and its vision, enhances interpersonal relationships among students, builds community, and increases retention. For these reasons, mentoring is a fundamental building block of Westminster's education. The Westminster Coaching and Mentoring Center is located on campus in Converse 2nd.

MBA Master Track Mentoring

MSC & MACL Master Track

Program Description

The First-Year Network is designed to pair incoming first-year students with Westminster students in mentoring relationships. The program aims to build positive learning communities on campus, guide new students to learn about our culture, and help first-year students become engaged in the Westminster experience.

Benefits of Participating in FYN

For Mentees

Learn how to make the most of your Westminster experience during your first year. Mentees will gain firsthand knowledge of what the first-year college experience at Westminster is really like from current students. Through the First-Year Network, you will develop individual relationships with your mentor and have a positive support system during your time at Westminster. You will learn how to best utilize campus resources, navigate the social and academic landscape of Westminster, and much more. Mentees apply here.

Apply to be a Mentee

Are you an incoming first-year student? Do you want to make the most of your Westminster experience? Apply to become a mentee in the First-Year Network! For the 2017–2018 year, we will be accepting about 40 first-year students to take part in the program.

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For Mentors

Your personal experience at Westminster can help new students succeed and find their place at the institution you love. Use your personal experience and knowledge to positively influence the Westminster experience of an incoming first-year student. Build personal relationships with your mentees and develop your skills and capacity for team building, mentoring, coaching, and more.

Apply to be a Student Mentor

Mentor requirements
  • Have a WC Grade Point Average (cumulative) of at least 3.0
  • Be an exemplary student, communicator, and have patience
  • Willingness to mentor students academically across disciplines
  • Possess the following qualities: maturity, responsibility, motivation, flexibility, enthusiasm, integrity.
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work in a culturally diverse environment
  • Be able to attend meetings 90% of the time.
  • Exceptional initiative and follow-through

Applications for mentors are due March 9, 2018. Please email your applications to

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Westminster’s Alumni Mentoring Program

AMP is designed to foster the personal and professional growth of Westminster undergraduate students through individual mentorship with qualified alumni mentors, and peer group discussions facilitated by Westminster Alumni.

AMP members will have individual mentoring opportunities between various alumni and students, students will meet/connect with their mentors at least twice per month throughout the academic year, as well as “Saturday Sessions” with all AMP students. These facilitated Saturday Sessions have four aspects: a check-in/update/brainstorming session on everyone’s mentoring relationships, an alumni speaker who discusses the tough choices, successes and failures in their life, a Q&A session, followed by a themed activity.

Apply to AMP

Completed application are due Wednesday, April 11, at 8:00 p.m.

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What We're Looking for in an AMP Student

  • Firm commitment to meet with mentor at least once per month, for at least two hours
  • Resolve to be dedicated to AMP from beginning to end, August–April
  • Willingness to initiate contact with your mentor
  • Willingness and ability to approach mentoring with an open-mind
  • Desire to improve yourself both personally and professionally
  • Dedication to work toward professional goals with the help of your mentor
  • If you have any questions about applying for the AMP program please visit or call the Coaching & Mentoring Center (Converse 201) at 801.832.2551

What Students Say About AMP

“By participating in AMP, I have been able step back and better evaluate my life. AMP has helped me discover who I am, what is truly important to me, has helped me prioritize my time to meet my long-term aspirations.”

“I learned and gained many things from AMP this year. I think I grew as an individual and became a more confident communicator in-group setting. This program has offered me a social outlet that I hadn't had prior to this experience at Westminster. I think that AMP offers individuals the opportunity to prepare for the 'real world' by advancing personally. This will give me the skills and abilities to apply myself in the workplace with a better understanding of my end goals and just how I define success.”

“This program sets students up to be successful and assists them in better understanding their goals, strengths and aspirations. AMP is an opportunity to develop personally while preparing to strive for your professional goals.”

What we’re looking for in an Alumni Mentor

  • Firm commitment to meet with mentee at least once per month, for at least two hours
  • Firm commitment to promptly return all emails and phone calls from mentee.
  • Willingness to develop a strong relationship with mentee, deeper than surface issues
  • Ability to be friends with your mentee
  • Willingness to listen to your mentee with an open mind and still be honest with him/her
  • Willingness and ability to spend some of your own money on mentee for things such as picking up a lunch tab, buying a drink, etc.
  • Ability to set goals and implement steps to achieve them with your mentee
  • Resolve to be dedicated to AMP from beginning to end

Alumni interested in being an AMP mentor, please email your resume and contact information to the Alumni Relations Office at

Gold to Grad focuses on giving Westminster seniors access to recently graduated alumni to help them succeed and grow in their final year at college. Recently graduated alumni and mentees establish and build a relationship for three months to develop a professional network, understand the process of graduating, and participate in "real world" activities. This program teaches students "how to be an adult" by offering a recently graduated alumni who can guide them through the process.

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Deadline: December 7th

For more information contact: