Rental Gear

Pickup and Gear Return

Fall 2017

Monday–Friday: 9:00 am–5:00 pm. Gear must be returned to the Outdoor Program office (HWAC 114) during open hours.
We will be closed on weekends, college holidays, and when classes are not in session. Please e-mail if you have gear rental needs when we're closed—we may be able to accommodate.

  • Renters are fully responsible for equipment checked out in their name.
  • Anyone renting gear must sign the Outdoor Program Rental Agreement.
  • Renters may be charged a fee for all equipment returned late, damaged, lost, stolen, dirty, and/or wet.

Equipment for Rent

Asterisk denotes Specialty Rentals—user must demonstrate competency with equipment to rent these items
Item1 Day (24 hours)Weekend (Fri–Mon)Late Fees (per day)
Sleeping Bag$4$8$4
Sleeping Pad (closed-cell foam)$1$2$1
Backpack (internal frame)$4$8$4
Tent (2–3 people)$5$10$5
Tent (3–4 people)$5$10$5
Cookset (pot, pan, utensil)$3$6$3
Backpacking Stove (MSR Whisperlite*)$3$6$3
Car Camping Stove (Coleman 2-burner)$4$6$4
Dromedary Bag$1$2$1
Water Jug$2$4$1
Climbing Shoes$3$6$3
Climbing Helmet$1$2$1
Chalk Bag$1$2$1
Cross-Country Skis, Boots, Poles$6$12$6
Snowshoes & Poles$4$8$4
Splitboard & Poles*$15$30$15
Alpine Touring Skis*$15$30$15
Avalanche Beacon*$10$15$10
Avalanche Shovel*$4$6$4
Avalanche Probe*$3$4$3