First-Year and Second-Year Options

First-Year Student Residence Hall Options

Traditional Style Housing
Apartment Style Housing

Second-Year Student Residence Hall Options

Apartment Style Housing

Meal Plan Options

All students living in Hogle, Carleson, Olwell, Behnken, Stock and college-owned houses are required to be on one of two meal plans offered for the entire academic year. Meals are served at the Cornerstone Cafe in the Shaw Student Center or Griff's Roost Coffee Shop in the Bassis Center.

  • Gold meal plan: $1,999 per semester
  • Purple meal plan: $1,582 per semester

Bon Appetit, our dining service on campus, provides high quality, sustainable meals that are prepared from scratch in the kitchen. Bon Appetit's core values are based on cooking great tasting food, responsible productivity, enticing presentation, and being served in a warm and welcoming place. Recognizing that every client is unique, Bon Appetit serves tasty nutritious food for everyone including vegetarians, vegans, and international diners. You will not find a cycle menu—there will always be a wide variety of fresh, fun, and interesting items.