Resident Advisors

2015 Residential Advisors

Resident Advisors over see approximately 35 students who live in their residence halls. They perform weekly on-call duties, help with check-in/out, coordinate hall programs, mediate roommate conflicts, and hold monthly hall meetings. As the eyes and ears of the Office of Residence Life, these peer leaders work hard to provide a safe, secure, and academic environment in the residence halls and to build a positive social environment for students to live in.

Being a Resident Advisor is a difficult job but also very rewarding. Many RAs enjoy building a sense of community among their residents and working with diverse people. They learn how to balance various aspects of their lives and resolve concerns over school, life, relationships, and residents.

However, this job is not for everyone. RAs must be willing to give up personal time and space. They must also make sacrifices for others. The RA position is a true learning experience. The benefits, growing experiences, and new friendships make this tough job worth doing!

Resident Advisor Programming

Our Resident Advisor staff works diligently to come up with programs for their residents. The RAs host programs both individually and partnered with other RAs and campus resources throughout the school year.

Hall Programs

Programs in the halls range across the spectrum from social to educational to diversity and much more!

Past Programs

  • "Pet Rock Door Stops" in September on Jake's floor where residents on the third floor of Carleson Hall decorated rocks to hold their doors open on their floor and encourage residents to be social.
  • Or "Karaoke Night" with the RAs in Olwell. Student's living in all areas of campus came and sang their hearts out for everyone in attendance.
  • Join Cozy on the third floor of Hogle for "Identity Pizza." Talk about who you are as a person and eat some delicious pizza.
  • Come and hang out with Andrea for "Family Dinner Night." Make a great meal with the RA and then just talk and get to know one another.
  • Smash gourds with Adam at "Gourd Baseball" to relieve some stress. Hit gourds with a baseball bat to minimize the stressors that may be impacting your life.

Apply to Become an RA

Application and Job Description for 2017–2018

To apply, you must fill out the following forms.

  • Application
  • Essays
  • RA Recommendation (please send this link to your RA to fill out, if you currently live on campus)
  • Other Recommendations (please send this link to 2 references to fill out)

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