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What can i do with this major?

Arts and Sciences Business
Art/Arts Administration Accounting
Biology Aviation
Chemistry Economics
Communication Finance and Financial Services
Computer Information Systems International Business
Computer Science Management
English Marketing
Environmental Studies
History Education
Justice Studies Elementary and Secondary Education
Music Nursing &Health Sciences
Neuroscience Nursing
Philosophy Public Health
Political Studies Pre-Professional Programs 
Psychology  Pre-Med
Sociology  Pre-Law
Spanish-Latin American Studies 
 Engineering (3-2)


 The Career Center offers the individual career advising appointments for all students and alumni.  Additionally, our office provides the following career assessments for students exploring majors, researching career options, or identifying personal strengths and interests. 


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator                                What is my personal style?  What are                                                                                          my preferred work characteristics?


Career Liftoff Interest Inventory                           What careers might I be interested in,                                                                                          based on my interests?


100 Jobs Exercise                                             What are my long-range, deeply                                                                                                   embedded interests and passions?


StrengthsFinder                                                 What are my strongest work-related                                                                                             talents, and how can I develop them?


Strong Interest Inventory                                     How can I choose a major and a career                                                                                      related to my interests?


My Career Story                                                What is the meaning of my life                                                                                                      experience so far, as it relates to my career?


Career Snapshot                                                Who am I and where might I want to go                                                                                      with my career and my life?


Pattern Identification Exercise                             What do I enjoy and am good at doing,                                                                                       and when?