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Katherine W. Dumke Center for Civic Engagement


the Dumke Center for civic engagment

The Katherine W. Dumke Center for Civic Engagment is a campus resource that facilitates volunteer opportunities, student-run service programs, service-learning, and other civic engagment activities for the Westminster Community. For more information about our current services and history, click here. 


Mission Statement

The Center for Civic Engagement exists to improve student learning through service, service-learning, and other civic engagement activities. These activities may take place as part of courses or as part of the co-curriculum of the college. By investing in civic engagement, Westminster College expects that its students will develop better collaboration and leadership skills, deeper empathy, and a sense that they can contribute to the well-being of their homes, communities, and nation. The College, in turn, will become more deeply connected to its constituent communities and be more widely recognized for its commitment to active, hands-on education that serves the common good.