Students fixing a bike at the bike collective. Website

Alternative Transportation Options at Westminster

16% of Westminster's total greenhouse gas emissions come from campus commuting. Try these alternatives and help reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Ride UTA for FREE. Students, faculty, or staff can use their Westminster ID as a FREE UTA premium transit pass. 
  • Westminster Wheels FREE bike rental program. Check out one of our lovely Kona Africa Bikes from the Westminster Bicycle Collective.
  • Westminster Bicycle Collective offers a do-it-yourself bike shop on campus where you can get help with your bike for FREE.
  • U Car Share offers easy, inexpensive hourly car rental.   A Toyota Prius is available in the Jewett parking lot on campus. 
  • Bike Commuter Resources. The new Westminster Bicycle Collective offers members access to tools and expertise needed to maintain and repair their bikes, as well as information on safe riding and routes. Also, check out Brian Avery's wealth of bike commuting knowledge on his website.
  • Ride Share Board is a board put out in Bassis two weeks before every break to help encourage carpooling to your desired destination. Cheap and fun! 
  • Westminster Ride Share is a forum for people to coordinate rides to the mountains, around SLC and even out of state. Use this page to offer up or request rides, organize trips via public transportation, and as a resource for environmentallly-friendly transportation.