Students with chickens at organic garden. Website
Organic Garden

Westminster's organic garden is a space for students to collectively grow healthy local produce.  The small garden includes raised vegetable beds, compost bins, a gathering space, and a chicken coop. Student volunteers maintain the garden, and the produce is available each week at a campus farm stand.

What we do:  

Produce for all: Tomatoes, squash, peas, you name it—we grow it! All produce is given out for free to students at the garden workdays or available  at the farm stand on campus. 

Westminster Chicken Coop: We have a flock of gorgeous hens living and making eggs in the Griffin coop at the garden. Come to workdays to hang out with the chicks!

Organic Compost: Waste comes straight from Shaw to the garden compost area to cure into compost chock full of nutrients.We use up compost on the garden in the spring!

Orchard: Apple trees, raspberries, and other fruiting trees live on the south side of the library with the bee hive! Go check them out!

Bee Hives: A hive of honey bees located near the south side of library provides sweet honey year round.




The Campus Organic Garden is located next to the Bicycle Collective, down the alley running west of 1200 East, directly across from the lower entrance to the Jewett parking garage.