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The Competency Portfolio

 The Competency Portfolio is meant to help you get started thinking about the eportfolio process. The Westminster College Eportfolio course on Canvas has links to the College Wide Learning Goal descriptions and rubrics, and will be frequently updated with additional resources and announcements of upcoming deadlines.

If you started as a freshman at Westminster in FA14 your Competency Portfolio is due on May 1, 2015.


  • Upload at least one piece of evidence for one learning goal to the Westminster College Eportfolios Canvas course (click here for video descriptions of the College Wide Learning Goals).

    • The evidence can be assignments from classes, documentation of co-curricular activities, internships, service learning, professional experience, personal interests -- anything that shows evidence of competency in a particular learning goal.

  • Using the rubrics and reflection prompts, describe your evidence and how it relates to the learning goal you've chosen. Enter your description in the comments box, or as a separate document.

For more information and resources, stop by the eportfolio studio with questions. To make an appointment for eportfolio help, contact Kerri Shaffer Carter, Director of Eportfolios, at 801-832-2050 or