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About the Master of Strategic Communication Program

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Top 5 Reasons Why You'll Love the Program

1. You learn by doing

Theory is important, and it undergirds everything we do, but we understand that you want to know how to apply that knowledge to your industry. The Master of Strategic Communication program specializes in helping you apply what you learn.

2. You learn by taking chances

If you try something that doesn’t work, you can do it again. And you don’t have to worry about how that will impact your grade. Assessment is based on mastery of content, not grades, so we ensure you finish with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed.

3. You learn with other smart and dedicated professionals

The Master of Strategic Communication program is a cohort model, which means you’ll go through each sequence with the same group of classmates. You’ll develop deep and lasting relationships with people in your field who share your interests and passions.

4. You learn more about what you love

If you are even considering a graduate degree in communication, it’s because you’ve already developed an affinity for how you connect to and influence those around you. The Master of Strategic Communication program is an opportunity to explore communication at a deeper level.

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Flexible Options

The Master of Strategic Communication program is intentionally designed so that it’s easy to fit into your regular schedule, but we understand that life can be overwhelming sometimes. While we do encourage students to move through the program in consecutive semesters, you have the option to take a semester off between sequences. When you return, you’ll be assigned a new cohort to work with and you’ll start where you left off. We just ask that you don’t take more than 2 consecutive semesters off and that you keep us in the loop as your plans change.


In every project sequence, you’ll work with clients to create a variety of custom projects. The client you choose is entirely up to you and we’ll help you locate a client if you don’t have one in mind. Many potential clients approach us each semester asking for qualified and interested students. We call these clients “experience providers” and we vet them carefully to make sure they can offer you a quality experience.

Past Nonprofit Clients

  • Promise South Salt Lake
  • Population Action International
  • South Davis Community Hospital
  • Utah Anti-Bullying Coalition
  • United Africans of Utah
  • Bateman-Horne Center
  • Catholic Community Services
  • Friends of Animals Utah
  • LDS Church
  • Spice Kitchen Incubator
  • Westminster College

Past Business Clients

  • Clearlink
  • Discover Financial Services
  • AAPC
  • Autodesk
  • Biogen
  • Dairy Queen
  • Fat Kid Mac n Cheese
  • Nicholas and Company
  • People Water
  • Pizza Pie Café

Past Government Clients

  • Bryce Canyon National Park
  • City of South Salt Lake
  • State of Utah Department of Environmental Quality
  • Utah Department of Health


For questions and information related to admissions, including information about transcripts and transferring credits, please contact contact the Graduate Admissions Office at 801.832.2200 or For questions and information related to courses, registration, or timelines, please contact the student support advocate, Mary Alley.

Meet the Faculty

Christy Seifert, Ph.D

Christy Seifert, Ph.D