Group of Master of Strategic Communication Students in Morocco

International Trip

The international trip is one of the most-loved aspects of our MSC program. Working with an international client, you and your team will utilize your knowledge and skills to provide valuable communication expertise, including recommendations and collateral. Our students have traveled to Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America; see the list below for more details on some of our past trips and clients.

Rabat, Morocco (2019) | Institute for Leadership and Communication Studies

students in a classroom in Morocco

Students jumping and smiling in front of an elaborately decorated door in Morocco

The MSC Class of 2019 had the unique opportunity to travel to Morocco to collaborate with the Institute of Leadership and Communication Studies (ILCS) in Rabat. MSC students worked in teams to develop lesson plans, project outlines, and strategic communication workshops that they delivered to undergraduate students from several countries in northern Africa. As communication mentors and professionals, MSC graduates assisted ILSC students in completing projects in social media, digital marketing, film, photography, and related areas, then guided them through a formal presentation of their work.

Other Trips

Budapest, Hungary (2018) | OMKI and Dockyard: This was our first and only trip where our project wasn't designed for a non-profit. We met with two diverse companies who focus on different areas of marketing, giving our students the opportunity to learn about the marketing and promotional challenges of these organizations.

Pursat, Cambodia (2017) | Sustainable Cambodia: We worked with Sustainable Cambodia to create promotional videos and interview local village and community leaders to learn about the sustainable projects in farming, clean water, and small business development that had transformed their communities.

Cape Town, South Africa (2016) | Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation: We collaborated with the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation to help create an anti-stigma campaign for youth infected with HIV. We held a writing workshop for teens in the center and created an infographic and some videos with the teens to help encourage the campaign slogan.

Cusco, Peru (2014, 2015) | Peruvian Hearts: We worked with Peruvian Hearts, a non-profit organization designed to empower young women raised in extreme poverty abuse. Our students built their website, wrote and designed promotional collateral, and helped establish an integrated marketing communications plan.