Brand Messaging

What's at Westminster's core?

A meaningful life through learning

Here’s how we arrived at the brand position, our core.

Motivators + distinctive attributes = brand position (our core)

What motivates Westminster's audiences?

Opportunities to explore, personalized attention, and dynamic engagement.

What's distinctive about Westminster?

Power of place, longevity of learning, and devotion of educators.

A meaningful life through learning is not a tagline

It is the core benefit of Westminster.

It represents audience motivators and Westminster attributes. A meaningful life through learning is the most refined promise that we can deliver on, and from which all messages should spring.

Brand Positioning Statement

The positioning statement is a comprehensive snapshot of how we deliver on audience motivations with our distinct brand attributes. This statement typically uses straightforward language, and is most often used for internal messaging and with partners as a guideline for copy and creative development.

Westminster’s devoted faculty, purpose-driven academic programs, and distinctive location foster inclusive engagement, student-centered learning, and opportunities to explore. So no matter where you come from, when you begin learning at Westminster, you’re launching a meaningful life.

Brand Personality

This demonstrates who we are as a brand by providing human characteristics and attributes to guide brand consistency and authenticity in creative development. This begins to establish the voice and tone of the brand. While these words describe Westminster as a school, they can also work to describe what we hope for our students as well.

We Are


We are the place for independent thinkers to thrive. We’ve charted our own course as a school, and we give students the opportunity to do the same for their own learning. We’re non-denominational and not beholden to external forces like politics, ideology, religion, or profits. And this gives us a clarity of focus and the freedom to do it our own way.


At Westminster, the search is as important as the answer. We celebrate diversity of thought and help our students harness their curiosity. Much of our education centers on hands-on exploration of our place itself and our place in the world.


We’re frank and genuine. We respect our students as people who want to live lives of consequence, so we shoot straight with them. We’re truthful about who we are, focus on what we do best, and don’t try to be what we’re not.


We’re small by choice. Our classes and our campus are sized to promote community discourse and meaningful relationships. The intimacy of our campus is balanced by the expansive and open mindset of the modern mountain West.


Westminster is evolving the liberal arts tradition in an unexpected setting in the modern mountain West. We are a haven for self-reliant students who enjoy adventure inside and outside of the classroom. The school gives students the freedom to push the boundaries as they chart their own respective courses.


The thread of social awareness and global consciousness is woven into the ethos at Westminster. We attract students and faculty that want to do good in the world. Our inclusive community is made up of students and faculty from many different backgrounds and our curriculum cultivates a self-awareness and a conscience in all of them.

Brand narrative

The brand narrative leverages our core brand elements and draws students with compelling and emotionally resonant copy. This more evocative description straddles the line between internal-facing brand positioning and student-facing messaging.

You are someone who is always looking to get more out of life, who craves both the thrill and self-discovery of adventure, and yearns for the freedom to explore. Someone ready to dive into new experiences and challenges. Someone who believes that it’s not about what the world holds for you, but about what you can bring to it.

You want your college experience to be someplace where you matter. Where you won’t get lost in the crowd. Where your professors are more interested in you and your learning than anything else. Someplace where experiences outside of the classroom are as important as those within it. Someplace where the place itself is full of inspiration and possibility. Where your education isn’t just about landing your first job, it’s about starting a meaningful life.

At Westminster, that meaningful life starts the day you enroll. No matter where you come from or what your background is, what binds you and every other Westminster student together is the desire to live a life of consequence. We challenge our students to see the world through others’ eyes—celebrating diversity of thought. From our unexpected setting of an intimate campus integrated into a thriving city within the modern mountain West, we help our students push the boundaries as they chart their own life’s course. We engage, uplift, push, encourage, guide, follow, believe, embrace, and celebrate our students.

Because what you have in common isn’t where you came from, it’s who you are, what you want, and where you’re going.

Brand Voice & tone

Defining how we talk to and engage with our audience begins to establish the voice and tone of the brand. This voice is then carried through to all brand communications, be it recruiting materials, the website, an ad campaign, or how we answer the phone.

We speak to our audience like we’re sitting across from them on the commons—one on one—in a genuinely interested and conversational style. This frank conversation leaves our audience feeling optimistic, self-empowered, and like they belong here. We’re inspired by our students—we do as much listening as we do talking.

We aren’t boring, we’re intriguing—but our audience sees through fluff and fakery, so we have to be real. We emulate the professors who always have their doors open, who know their students’ names by the second week of classes, and who will mentor them through college and beyond. Our words are friendly and supportive, but also smart and thought-provoking—demanding an insatiable intellectual curiosity from our students. In all of our communications, Westminster speaks like a well-established, independent, and confident institution with a soul. We know what we stand for, which students are the right fit, and where we’re going together.

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