Conflict Resolution Coaching

In an effort to strengthen the campus community and build institutional capacity around conflict resolution, the Staff Council Advocacy Committee is making a call for volunteers to be Conflict Resolution Coaches. This Staff Council initiative is in support of the institutional priorities for this year and has received endorsement from college administration. Below is a description for the role of coaches.

Conflict Resolution Coaches are staff who are trained in conflict resolution strategies and have extensive knowledge in college policy and procedures. They provide assistance to college staff who need help in addressing various kinds of conflict that may arise through their employment at the college. This assistance is handled through listening, recommending appropriate college resources, facilitating conversations, and helping the individual identify appropriate methods of resolving their conflict on their own. The team will also identify and report trends they see among the staff to the staff council or the appropriate administrator. All conversations are kept strictly private unless otherwise required by law and college policy to report (Title IX violations, etc…). These individuals do not replace any formal process of the college and operate on a peer to peer support basis.

  • Volunteers will be expected to spend two hours a month in either training or meetings with the other conflict resolution coaches.
  • There will be training provided starting in December for the first few months before launch to prepare coaches.
  • Prior experience is not required as long as you have a passion for helping your peers and in resolving conflict.
  • Coaches are expected to serve for 2 years following the initial training. If they find that this work is not for them they can opt out at any time.
  • As this is a new initiative, the form and demand for this service is unknown and will evolve as it rolls out. It is expected that the coaches will help guide the development of the program.
  • The hours and availability for providing conflict resolution coaching will be different for each coach to allow them to meet the demands of their position at the college.
  • Becoming a conflict resolution coach is dependent on the individual being in good standing with the college, having ample time to meet the expectations of the program, and approval from their supervisor. Our administrative liaison for this program, Julie Freestone, will confirm supervisory approval for participation.

To volunteer please fill out this brief form and let us know who you are and why this interests you.

Please join us and help strengthen your community. If you know someone who would be a great fit, please encourage them to volunteer.