Why Westminster

As an online student at Westminster, you’ll experience Westminster’s signature high-quality education with the flexibility and convenience of an online program. You’ll engage in real-world projects that are fully customizable, so you can pursue what you love.

Your personal faculty mentor will give you one-on-one attention, advising, and mentoring, challenging you to explore beyond the curriculum in ways that are most relevant to your interests and aspirations.

Plus, our online programs are competency-based, meaning you’ll advance through your program by showing subject mastery through real-world projects, so you’ll graduate with the skills and expertise you need to take the next step in your career.

Meet Your Network

Just because you're not on campus doesn't mean you can't build meaningful connections.

Jazmynn Pok talking with people

Meet Jazmynn Pok

World Traveler. Humanitarian. Westminster MSC.

Jazmynn is passionate about 3 things: making the world a better place, helping people build leadership skills, and exploring new places. She is a communications guru and marketing manager. But that’s just her day job. She also donates her time and marketing expertise at a number of nonprofits. She holds a BA in environmental studies and Masters of Strategic Communication program from Westminster College. Jazmynn is now a coach in the MSC program.

Let her guide you.

Christy Seifert

Meet Christy Seifert

PhD. Author. Westminster Professor.

Christy isn’t just a member of the Westminster faculty, a favorite professor, an accomplished writer, a thought leader, a mentor, and a friend; she’s a force of nature. An expert on rhetoric and pop culture, She is dedicated to mentoring MSC students and guiding them through a learning experience that is personalized for each student.

Let her guide you.