Arts Education State Endorsement

The Arts Education (AED) Continuing Education program offers continuing education units that meet the requirements for select categories under the Elementary Arts Integration Endorsement offered in conjunction with the Utah State Board of Education. The progressive pedagogical approach of arts integration will be the key focus, including: access, equity, inclusion, and diversified instructional strategies. In addition, these courses will involve the community through teacher outreach and provide a means for increased awareness in critical consciousness and action. Westminster is 1 of 7 schools in Utah that offers these courses, and benefits of taking these courses include potential salary increases after completion.


Arts Integration Methods

In this course, participants will learn and practice elementary arts integration methodologies and assessment strategies for all major art forms including music, dance, drama, visual arts, literary arts, and media arts. This course will meet the context, integration, and assessment requirements for the Utah State Elementary Arts Integration Endorsement.

Course ID: AED 01
Cost: $120
Credits: 3 CEUs
Next Term: Fall 2020 Instructor: Rebecca Penerosa

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Piano or Classroom Music

In this course, participants will learn and practice elementary music methodologies and assessment strategies including entry piano skills and Orff pedagogy. This course will also introduce the basic elements of classroom music, including playing simple instruments, appropriate signing strategies, and movement for children. This course has been designed to meet the Basic Knowledge requirements in the field of music for the Utah State Elementary Arts Integration Endorsement.

Course ID: AED 02
Cost: TBD
Credits: 3 CEUs
Next Term: Fall 2020
Instructors: Rebecca Penerosa, Jennifer Purdy

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Arts Connect International Course

In this 12-day study experience abroad, you will embark on an educational exchange. After an application process, participants will be selected to provide a 4-day professional development training and implementation for teacher-trainers in another country. Similarly, the chosen cohort will endeavor to learn how the arts and community building have sustained and propelled individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures in a variety of settings abroad. This course ties directly to Westminster’s mission and identity of global learning, social justice, and getting hands-on experience as a part of your education. You must be a current BTSALP specialist to register for this course.

Course ID: AED 03
Cost: $160 for the course plus $750 for the international trip
Credits: 4 CEUs
Next Term: TBD
Instructors: Rebecca Penerosa